Discover your sacred gifts program

Time for a change?

You’re bored and restless. And ready for a change.

You’re confused about what you’re good at. Versus what makes your heart sing.

You wish you could wave a magic wand and do something entirely different (if only you knew what it was)?

If this resonates, then the Discover Your Sacred Gifts Program may be for you!

What is Discover Your Sacred Gifts?

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Discover Your Sacred Gifts is a powerful guided self-discovery program that helps you to uncover your own special gifts. The ones you were born with.

These innate gifts within you are your superpowers. They allow you to do ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

These gifts are often hidden. Unseen or underutilized. As a result, you may go through life feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied. Like you’re slightly off course. But not understanding why.

You may want to make a change, but have no idea in which direction to make it.

The Discover Your Sacred Gifts Program is designed to give you clarity, by tapping into and revealing your own special superpowers. You’ll discover your hidden gifts. And in doing so, change your life for the better.

By uncovering and learning to use your own Sacred Gifts in the world you will begin to feel much more alive. More energized. More on purpose.

What gifts do you have?

As you work through this step by step program (listen to the audios, complete the assessments, and work with me one-on-one) your gifts will become very clear. As well as the ones you don’t have (which can be very liberating)!

You will have many ah-ha moments such as these:

“Sacred Gifts helped me to not only discover the ways I give to others, it also gave me permission to let go of the ways I thought I should be doing things. It was like a weight off my shoulders. With Kerry’s gentle guidance, encouragement and intuition she showed me where my gifts were already showing up in my life and giving me the most fulfillment.” ~ Marlene

“This was a moving and motivating program that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking a little clarity in their life. Each step was eye opening and exciting, and what I have been able to take from the program and from Kerry’s guidance is invaluable.” – Kayla

“The Sacred Gifts program was a great learning experience. I’ve learned that some of my strengths are actually gifts and not something that everyone ought to be good at. This perspective has made me further appreciate these qualities within myself and helped me be much more patient towards others. Kerry enthusiastically guided me through the process and attentively listened as I made my own discoveries.”  ~ I.I.

How does the program work?

The Discover Your Sacred Gifts Program will be delivered right to your inbox, with step by step instructions on how to work through each of the four sections. After completing each one, you and I will have a one-on-one coaching call to review and clarify what Discover your sacred gifts certified guide Kerry Hannayou’ve learned.

The goal is for you to complete the program within three to four weeks. And as your Certified Sacred Gifts Guide, I will be right there by your side.

This comprehensive program includes:

  • Easy to follow instructions on how to complete the Sacred Gifts Inventory
  • Six hours of engaging audios divided into sections to maximize your learning
  • A booklet on all 24 Sacred Gifts 
  • Four one-on-one coaching calls
  • PLUS a powerful releasing process to help awaken your gifts and remove any blocks holding you back 

Ready to get started?

Contact Kerry to get started on your Sacred Gifts journey, And begin to unlock your hidden superpowers now!