Honour the space between no longer and not yet

I’m in that in-between place again. The one I call “limbo-land.”

The space between “no longer” and “not yet” (as Life Coach, Nancy Levin calls it).

I’ve left some things behind. That I was ready to let go of.

A few old habits and routines.

A relationship that wasn’t serving me anymore.

It was time.

I feel excited about the future. And what it might look like for me.

I have lots of ideas. Percolating beneath the surface.

But no clear vision.


So I feel a bit restless too. And impatient with myself.

I like clarity. I thrive on it.

It’s what I’m good at helping others find.

But because of this, I also know that you can’t rush clarity.


That the best thing you can do until it arrives is to be patient with yourself.

To breathe.

To allow yourself to be there – in this space of not knowing – for as long as it takes.

For your idea to manifest.

For your vision to unfold.

For clarity to arrive.

Because it will. It always does.

In its own time.

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