back to you

rediscover yourself & reclaim your power

A course in living authentically
for women over 40

Do you remember the woman you were before the world told you who to be?

What if you could finally start living your life for you againinstead of for everyone else around you?

I want to help you do just that & more inside my 5-week program: BACK TO YOU: Rediscover Yourself & Reclaim Your Power (a course in living authentically for women over 40)*

Course highlights include:

  • ground your thoughts 
  • clarify your wants
  • explore your intuition
  • set boundaries (finally!) with kindness
  • high-five the Universe
  • much more! 



back to you
back to you

How would you feel if you were finally able to...

* share the real you & not care what anyone else thinks?

* trust that others can figure their own stuff out?

* say yes to what feels right for you & no to what doesn’t (without guilt)?

* connect with your inner voice & have the courage to follow it?

* feel confident about putting yourself out there?

* be more mindful of the present moment?

* worry less & enjoy life more?

Well, you're in luck my friend. Because that's exactly what my women's empowerment course BACK TO YOU is all about...

BACK TO YOU is for women over 40 who are ready to embrace who they really are. NOT who they've been told to be.

This course is amazing

"Every woman who has lost herself, is struggling to cope, who doesn't know how to set boundaries, take care of their mental health, ground their thoughts, or calm their mind, & who want to be themselves without apologizing, this course is amazing. I didn't want to click the sign up button, but I'm so glad I did. I'm worth it."
~ MaryDale Esposito ~

Here's what you'll learn...

As you go through my 5-week Discover Your Personal Power Pathway:

I've benefited from Kerry's guidance

"I've known Kerry - as a co-worker, mentor & friend - for over 25 years. I've always admired her ability to hear her own instinct & filter through 'shoulds' vs 'wants'. Over the years, I've leaned on Kerry's knowledge & benefited from her gentle guidance on how to set boundaries."
LLeitch photo
~ Lynn Leitch ~
Freelance Writer

Join me for the launch!

For an exclusive one-time-only rate you can be a part of a special co-creative experience which includes:

  • watching the live class OR replay each week (no pressure to show up live if that’s not your thing)
  • receiving practical tools on how to empower yourself
  • getting in on the ground floor of a new course & helping to improve it by filling out weekly surveys
  • paying a low, one-time-only course fee & getting lifetime access to all future versions, at no extra charge

My desire is to create a great course experience for YOU! 

So don’t delay. BACK TO YOU launches on April 27! 

Space is limited!

Wanna know more about the course? Watch my video!*

*price has been reduced

When you feel good about yourself, you feel good about your future!

I trust myself more

"I felt very comfortable with Kerry. I loved her gentle way of getting to the heart of the matter. Through her coaching I have developed a sincere gentleness & tolerance of myself. I no longer feel invisible & I've learned to trust myself more."
~ DKW ~

Hey there, I’m Kerry Hanna, Women's Empowerment Coach

And I’ve been where you are. Lost in all my roles & responsibilities. Stuck in a cycle of trying to please everyone, while ignoring my own needs. I knew if I continued on that path I’d end up living someone else’s life. 

I needed to move through my self-doubts & reconnect to who I really was, so I could start expressing the real me. And living life on my terms. Which is exactly what I did.

BACK TO YOU: Rediscover Yourself & Reclaim Your Power is my step-by-step process to help you do the same. To step into your own personal power & take charge of your life. With the support of a coach like me who truly ‘gets’ the journey.

back to you

Ready to take charge of your life?

If you’re ready to join BACK TO YOU: Rediscover Yourself & Reclaim Your Power, jump on the waitlist NOW! 

BACK TO YOU re-launches in Fall 2022

I feel empowered & free

“Thank you for always listening to & guiding me, Kerry. For reminding me to never give up on my dreams. It feels good knowing that someone gets where I'm coming from. You help me come back to what really matters in life. I feel empowered & free.”
~ Lisa ~

This course is for you if...

One Time Payment

$ 49
  • less than $10/session