Ready to start living your life for you again?

Instead of everyone around you?

Then come join…

 BACK TO YOU: Rediscover Yourself & Reclaim Your Power

A 5-week program for women who are tired of trying to be all things to all people & are ready (soooo ready!) to:

  • put themselves first for once
  • tune into their real self…the one underneath all those roles & responsibilities
  • identify & follow their dreams, even if they’ve forgotten what they are
  • stop hiding, be fearless & take more chances
  • be themselves without apology!

It’s time to start making yourself a priority in your own life again!

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Tired of abandoning yourself for the sake of others?

As women most of us weren’t shown how to express our wants, needs & desires. Instead, we learned to stuff our feelings down, deny our own truth & abandon ourselves for others. Over the years, we get so good at taking care of everyone else’s needs, that we lose touch with our own! Yet the happiest, most confident women are the ones who take the time to connect with themselves & get clear on who they are (not who they’ve been told to be) & what they want out of life. And then feel free to move towards it, without feeling selfish or guilty.

BACK TO YOU: Rediscover Yourself & Reclaim Your Power was created to help you do exactly that. This 5-week course gives you the step-by-step guidance, practical tools & support to help free you from the need for approval from others & give you permission to live life your way!

How would you feel if you were finally able to...

* say no to things that don’t feel right for you (without all the guilt)?

* slow down long enough to tune in to how you’re really feeling?

* share the real you & not care what anyone else thinks?

* connect with your intuition & have the courage to follow it?

* show up for yourself & have your own back?

* trust that others can figure their own stuff out (it’s not up to you to save the day)?

* worry less & enjoy life more?

Well you're in luck! Because that's exactly what BACK TO YOU: Rediscover Yourself & Reclaim Your Power is all about!

BACK TO YOU is for women who've gotten lost in all their roles & responsibilities are ready to find themselves again.

back to you
back to you

Hey there, I’m Kerry Hanna, Women's Empowerment Coach

I’ve been where you are… overwhelmed by all my roles & responsibilities. And stuck in a cycle of trying to please everyone, while ignoring my own needs. I had no idea what I wanted for myself or my future. I knew if I continued on that path I’d end up feeling burned out & miserable, & living someone else’s life. 

After divorcing & becoming a single mom in 2004, I realized it was time to overcome my fear & self-doubts & reconnect to the real me. So I could feel more confident, let go of feeling ‘selfish’ for trying to get my own needs met, & create a life on my own terms. Which is exactly what I did. 

I’ve taken all the knowledge, education & tools I’ve gathered over the past few decades & put them into a step-by-step system that can support you in living authentically. And I want to teach it to you. BACK TO YOU: Rediscover Yourself & Reclaim Your Power will guide you on my own personal 5-step Discover Your Personal Power (aka “B.E.A.C.H.”) Pathway. So you too can feel free to be the real you without apology! And find joy again!

"I didn't want this course to end!"

"BACK TO YOU came just when I needed it. It nudged me back to me & to my ‘true north’. Kerry is kind, deep, soulful & authentic. She speaks from experience & keeps it real. She had practical information & delivered it all with thoughtful loving kindness. She gave us tools & worksheets to use after each session. I loved it all! I didn't want this course to end!"
~ Anne Thomson ~
Fitness Trainer

"For any woman who needs a reset"

"Kerry’s life experience & training make this course incredibly helpful! The techniques she shared are doable & never overwhelming! Kerry herself is such an authentic person. It’s obvious she loves what she does! I would recommend this for any woman who is overwhelmed with daily life & needs a ‘reset’."
~ Brenda Wyatt ~
Marketing Coach

This course is the right fit for you if you're a women who's been...

  • Bending over backwards to please everyone around you.
  • Saying ‘yes’ to requests (when you’d rather say ‘no’).
  • Suppressing your true feelings for fear of disappointing others.
  • Deferring to others instead of trusting your own intuition.
  • Taking responsibility for other people’s happiness.
  • Hiding for fear of being ‘too much’ or ‘not enough.’
  • Keeping yourself busy & distracted instead of taking the time to slow down & listen to those little inner ‘nudges’.

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place! Watch my video to learn more about what BACK TO YOU is all about!

Using my unique & practical Discover Your Personal Power (aka "B.E.A.C.H.") Pathway, this course will provide you with the step-by-step tools & strategies to help you connect to your own inner voice, set healthy boundaries, & show up as your true, authentic self. So you can create a joyful life, on your own terms.

Here's what you'll learn on the Discover Your Personal Power Pathway

...aka my unique B.E.A.C.H. pathway, a 5-step process that you can implement quickly & easily in your own life:

Each week's module builds upon the one before it. You'll be lead gently down my B.E.A.C.H. Pathway & given tips, tools, journal questions & simple yet powerful exercises to help you get to know yourself better in a supportive, kind & self-honouring way. So you can take the necessary steps to reclaim your confidence & live life your way. No excuses or apologies.

"This course is amazing"

"Every woman who has lost herself, is struggling to cope, who doesn't know how to set boundaries, take care of their mental health, ground their thoughts, or calm their mind, & who want to be themselves without apologizing, this course is amazing. I didn't want to click the sign up button, but I'm so glad I did. I'm worth it."
~ Mary Dale Esposito ~

"Give this gift to yourself!"

"This course is a must for women who feel tired, depleted & resentful that everything falls on their shoulders. It gives you the tools & understanding of the importance of giving back to yourself. And that you have the power to create your life your way! With Kerry’s heartfelt approach you will feel seen & heard, as she's been there herself. Don’t hesitate to give this gift to yourself!"
marlene testimonial
~ Marlene Allbright ~
Personal Development Coach


Here's what you'll get inside BACK TO YOU:

5-step pATHWAY

My 5-week Discover Your Personal Power Pathway that will show you the exact steps to take (using simple strategies & tools) to live an authentic & joyful life.

weekly video & audio lessons

Two weekly 10-30 minute video lessons (or audios if you prefer) which lead you along my 5-step journey to personal empowerment.

slides & workbook

Printable course slides & a workbook to support you as you move through each week of the course.

Soulful practices

Weekly worksheets to help you put each lesson into practice & inspire you to keep moving forward, in your own unique way.


Weekly self-awareness questions to help you dig deeper, reflect on each lesson, & explore your own thoughts, feelings & behaviours so you can get to know yourself better.

EXTRAS & Bonuses

Boundary-setting scripts, a bill of rights, a list of the resources referenced in the course (+ many more), three meditations, 30 follow your heart journal prompts, & an inspiring coaching audio to figure out your next steps.

"This content is so relevant"

"For any woman that's grappling with why some relationships are hard to navigate, this course will guide you through it. Rather than looking at others & saying "if only they did xyz, then we'd be happy" Kerry redirects us back to ourselves. And reminds us that we can't change others, we can only change ourselves. I loved all the practical tools she provided, especially the weekly self-reflection questions. No matter what walk of life, age & stage, socio-economic status or ethnicity you are, this content is so relevant."
~ Shelly P.~

BACK TO YOU will show you how to put yourself first again, without feeling selfish.

back to you

By the end the course you'll be able to:

  • Ground your thoughts & calm your mind.
  • Have more faith in yourself & your future (no matter what’s going on in the world)!
  • Know what you want & what brings you joy (& what doesn’t, no apologies).
  • Set healthy boundaries with kindness.
  • Take care of yourself & your own needs (without feeling selfish).
  • Trust your instincts, have your own back & feel confident to show up as the real you.
  • Live the life you were meant to, NOT the one you were *told* to!

Still have questions?
Here are some typical FAQs:

This course has been pre-recorded & can be done at your own pace. Each lesson will be “dripped” out weekly (one module at a time) via email. Everything is there for you inside the course platform including the video/audio lessons, worksheets, supporting materials & bonuses. If you have any questions, you can reply to my emails or post them on the course platform. I’m always happy to jump in & help you move forward in any way I can!

BACK TO YOU starts immediately upon joining the course. You’ll get an email notification giving you instant access to Week 1: Breathe plus the course introduction & bonus materials. You’ll then receive weekly notifications as each of the four remaining modules become available.

BACK TO YOU has been designed to be self-paced. Each lesson builds on the one before it. You’ll get access to one module per week, so you have time to digest the information & put it into practice. You can also choose to do as many or as few of the weekly exercises & journal questions as you want. This course is NOT about doing it the right way – it’s about doing it YOUR way.

Many of us have been raised to believe that focusing on ourselves is selfish. And that we should put the needs of others before our own. However as a women’s empowerment coach I’ve seen the opposite be true. When you learn to redirect your focus back to you & your own needs (& let go of wanting to change others) you become the best version of yourself. You feel more grounded, confident & free. And you’re able to give to others – if & when you choose to – without anger or resentment, but instead, from a place of integrity & strength.

Setting healthy boundaries is about honouring yourself & your own needs. And then communicating those to others in a kind & graceful way. Sure, you may sometimes disappoint others. However in my opinion, that’s much better than continuing to disappoint yourself. Learning to create healthy boundaries that honour you will ultimately set you free. You’ll learn to let go & trust that others can & will take care of their own needs (which helps to empower them). And that your job is to take care of your needs (which empowers you). It’s win-win.

Yes it will be. However as this is the launch price, the cost will be going up. And here’s another reason why now might be the best time to take it…’busy-ness’ is often an excuse we make to avoid slowing down, tuning in & sitting with our own truth. This course wasn’t designed to give you more ‘to dos.’ Rather to help you connect with your own heart & get clear on who you really are & what you really want out of life. The sooner you make the time to do that, the happier you’ll be (in my humble opinion).

Due to the digital nature of BACK TO YOU (as well as the incredible value you receive in Week 1 alone, which you get instant access to) I do not offer refunds. Check out the many testimonials on this page from past participants to see whether the course feels like a good fit for you. And trust your instincts. If you choose to enroll, great! If not, no prob…I sincerely wish you all the best. 

More happy students...


"Amazing job presenting the materials. Great resources. The guided breathing exercise in week 1 was wonderful."
~Joanne S. ~

"You're a great guide"

"I loved the lessons & find you to be inviting, relatable & informative. You're a great guide & leader in wellness.
~ Carla M. ~

"I hear you gently reminding me"

"It seems every time I feel the overwhelm, I can hear you gently reminding me to breathe. You taught me how important just that one thing is! Thank you."
~ B.W. ~

"I'm glad I signed up"

"Thank you very much for your enthusiastic instruction. The practices you shared with us were helpful & your talk in week 3 on setting boundaries was particularly useful. Your presentation style is lovely - friendly, upbeat, warm, engaging, clear. It was like listening to a friend generously giving helpful advice over a cup of tea. I'm glad I signed up for this course!"
~ Jennifer M. ~

"Taking care of myself"

"Thank you so much. I learned to start taking care of myself & not just others."
~ Rhonda S. ~

"You've inspired me"

"I can't thank you enough. You've inspired me to want more, be more & to feel deserving of it."
~ K. S. ~

If you've spent years trying to fit inside a box & you're ready to break free & be the real you, sign up for BACK TO YOU now.

One Time Payment

$ 79
  • That's less than $16 per module!

"Worth every minute"

"Thank you so much for sharing your tips & wisdom & for being vulnerable. You provided kind, caring, non-judgmental, sensible & simple guidance. It was worth every minute!"
~ Anne ~

"Everybody should take this course"

"I took a lot of notes. Thank you, I really needed this. I think everybody should take this course."
~ M. E. ~

"I never knew I could feel this free"

"Thank you, I never knew I could feel this free!"
~ Lisa ~