Creating your best life, one ‘tweak’ at a time

best life

As an empowerment coach, I believe in living your best life.

And following your heart.


(No big surprise, right?!)

best life

But what does that mean exactly?

To live your best life should you be leaping off tall buildings, in a single bound (like Superman did)?

Taking crazy risks?

Or overhauling your life completely?


In my experience creating your best life rarely, if ever, requires such a big leap.

Sure, we’ve all had to make some radical choices in our lives.

Like leaving a toxic marriage or job.

Or moving to the other side of the world to follow ‘a guy’ (ok maybe that was just me!).

But those are usually the exceptions to the rule.

Instead, creating your best life is all about making small & intentional ‘tweaks.’

Keeping what works.

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And letting go of what doesn’t.

For example the other day I was working at home on a project, when I got stuck.

In overwhelm. Overthinking.

And analysis paralysis.

So much so it made my head hurt! Literally.

So instead of forcing myself to keep going (which as a recovering perfectionist I’ve done in the past), I chose to do it differently.

I took a long, deep breath.

And put my laptop away.

I embraced my body’s need to move.

And my spirit’s need to connect with something greater.

In my case, the sea.

So I got in my car & drove there.

best lifeAnd as soon as I arrived, I felt happier.



I was back in my body.

Back in the here & now.

Feeling grateful.

And then I had this beautiful thought:

“This is me living a life I love.”


No gigantic leap required.

No complete life redesign.

Just one simple step — a 10 min car ride — towards doing more of what I love (beachcombing).

And less of what I don’t (banging my head against my computer).

‘Cuz living our best life doesn’t have to be uber-complicated.

Or expensive.

best life

It’s just about doing the simple things that bring you joy.

Like walking along the seashore. Looking for beach glass.

And staying connected to your heart.

‘Cuz *that’s* the kind of meaningful life I’d like to create for myself.

So what about you?

Can you think of a ‘tweak’ (or two) you’d like to make in your own life?

Something small?

That adds a little more joy?

And if nothing comes to mind, or you need help finding clarity, download my new FREE audio training:

How to Figure Out Your Next Steps in Life (When You Feel Lost)

Where I’ll walk you through my powerful 3-step coaching process that I use with my clients.

To help you get connected to your inner voice.

And clear about what makes you happy.

So you can keep moving forward. 

And create your best life.

One small ‘tweak’ at a time.

Kerry xo

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