Client Love


Here’s what my private coaching clients have to say about working with me:

I felt very comfortable and at ease with Kerry. I loved her gentle manner of getting to the heart of the matter in a very matter of fact but non-intimidating way. Through her coaching I have developed a sincere gentleness and tolerance of myself in regards to “perfectionist performance.”  I no longer feel invisible and I have learned skills in that regard. Most of all I have learned to trust myself more. More time off and naps! ~ DKW

Kerry listened. Really listened to what I said. Then she asked me questions to help me see my own truth, my own answers. In my opinion Kerry’s skills are exactly what I believe a great coach would have. Ears to listen, intuition to question, and the ability to tease my own answers to the surface. Thanks Kerry. I feel so blessed to have had this time with you! ~ Cindy

I have been extremely fortunate to have Kerry as my coach. She is professional , kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable. Someone you can trust and open up to without fear of judgment. If you are lucky enough to work with her you know exactly what I mean. ~ Cindy-Lee Price

I know and trust that Kerry will always hold space and be with me wherever I’m at. With no judgement. Kerry listens with empathy and curiosity and with her intuitive guidance. She supports ME in finding MY way (not someone else’s)!! This is profound!! After my time with her I always feel seen, heard and witnessed. I’m left with a knowingness that I’m able to move forward with whatever’s happening in my life. ~ Marlene Allbright, Life Coach

Thank you for always listening and guiding me! And for helping me see that setting boundaries is important! Your wise words always help me put things into perspective. You get me and it feels good knowing that someone gets where I’m coming from. You ground me and help me come back to what really matters in life. I feel empowered and free. Thank you so much! ~ Lisa

Not only is Kerry an excellent listener but she has the ability to see the big picture and give impartial insight on the situation. I feel cared for and trust her point of view. I have always valued our conversations because I have left them feeling empowered. She has the ability to validate my feelings and give me tools to work through my situations. So thank you! ~ Kim Bergen, The Happy Hygenist

Kerry is a natural coach. She sees the bigger picture and always has a wealth of information and resources at her mental finger tips, specifically relevant to whatever I was going through. She pays attention, listens, and was always so patient with me — she got that it was my own journey. Kerry never told me what I “should” do but instead gave me the space to get there on my own. It was clear she only wanted the best for me. ~ Shelly P.

Kerry was very easy to talk to. She was able to help me get myself back on track. I know in my heart what I need to do but talking with her helped me get there with more confidence. ~ CP

Kerry is able to listen without judgement, to provide advice without telling me “what to do” and instead guide me in the right direction so I can discover what to do on my own. Her ability to understand me as if she had been in my shoes before, truly helped me feel comfortable and supported. ~ Kayla

Kerry is a natural coach…enthusiastic, supportive, patient, encouraging, non-judgmental and kind. She makes a person feel very comfortable. And she has an amazing ability to champion others — she always believes in me, my dreams, and helps to keep me focused on what I want, even when I’m not 100% clear on that. ~ Rosemary

Whenever I’ve set a boundary and am struggling to accept it/sit with the consequences, Kerry is my first stop in ‘hearing’ that it’s OK to set a boundary and that others will have to respect it. This is a huge gift. And when something happens in my life she gives me a fresh/interesting perspective on what it could mean and what I might be able to take from it. She is one of the best listeners I’ve ever known…she listens actively with an invested approach. I always look forward to her feedback. ~ Lynn

I came to Kerry to help distill, clarify and ultimately connect my emotions/heart/gut and my thoughts. She helped me test my own assumptions and be true to myself. To connect my head to my heart and ‘gut,’ release my intuition, and unlock my true potential. She also helped me become more self-aware and ultimately realize that I have the ‘power’ and ability within myself to be amazing. She meets people where they are at and her positive energy lifted my spirits and inspired me. I found it easy to connect with and trust her quickly because she’s very empathetic and authentic. Thank you! ~ Jen

Thank you for your openness, sense of humour and ability to laugh at the really tough stuff…not to minimize its impact but to levitate it out of the darkness. You helped me shed light which provided me with much needed perspective and clarity. You allowed me to find my own solutions, while figuratively holding my hand, and didn’t tell me what to do but openly accepted how I choose to walk my own path. And best of all you gave me my favourite saying: “your circus, your monkey.” You are light energy. ~ P.S.

Thank you for being such a genuine, friendly, warm, compassionate, intuitive and approachable coach. ~ Anne

Kerry is very likable, warm, friendly, easy-going, fun and compassionate. She helped me bring more awareness to all the joy, love and happiness in my life. ~ Brenda

Kerry is keen to be of service. That shines through in her. She’s sincere in wanting the best for her clients. She’s enthusiastic, helpful, an attentive listener and asks good questions. I appreciate her energy, as it balances out my seriousness! ~ I.I.

Kerry’s ability to be empathetic, encouraging and insightful are her noticeable strengths. From where I was in my journey I really appreciated this. Working with her was a great experience. Thank you! ~ Troy