Finding a balance between doing and being

Is it possible to find a balance in life?

I’m not convinced it is.

We’re taught to go, go, go.

To strive. Push. Work hard.

And prove ourselves.

To continually do, do, do. And it’s exausting.

So lately I’ve been trying to find a balance between “doing” and “being.”

Balancing my time between the desire to do more of what I’m on this planet to do (coach more women!) with my opposite desire.

To rest and replenish my soul.

And nurture my creativity.

But in a world that frequently pushes us to go faster and faster — and do more, more, more!! — resting isn’t always encouraged.

But that’s a problem for me.

When I don’t take this time for myself I experience overwhelm….and “sensory overload.”

find a balance

And I find I just can’t take in anything more.

And I can’t do anymore.

So I retreat. Into my own space.

Into the quiet.

To filter out “the noise.”

And replenish my energy.

To find a balance in life.

I need this time.

As an HSP (highly sensitive person) pushing just isn’t my way.

It doesn’t feel good. 

Sure, there are times when we need to do it. To push past our own limiting beliefs. Break down our own walls.

And do what we need to do. To get things done.

To put one foot in front of the other.

But I’ve realized more often than not, it’s better NOT to push.

find a balance

Not to strive. Or ‘effort.’

That instead it’s much more effective to take a pause.

And rest when you need to.

To create space to honour that still small voice within that’s whispering to you.

Reminding you to take care of yourself.

To take care of your body. Your mind. Heart.

Your spirit.

And do whatever next step feels right for you.

When you give yourself a break you’ll fill yourself up.

And be guided forward. From the inside out.

To the next best place your spirit is gently nudging you to go.

Like the proverb says:

“How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.”

So my friend, I encourage you to be gentle on your soul.

Rest if you need to.

And then see where life takes you after that.

Kerry xo


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