How to find your purpose and keep believing in your dreams

find your purpose

Today I’m celebrating.

I finally finished a BIG project. One that took me four months to complete.

I created my first on-line personality quiz to help you find your purpose…

“Women Over 50: What’s Your Prime-of-Life Purpose?”

And I’m not gonna lie…

It was a sh*tload of work!

Yet even so, I loved every damn minute of it…

The well-organized course called Quiz Lab. My lovely, supportive teacher. My zoom classmates (other women running online businesses like me).

Even all the techy stuff. (Yup, even that!)

As a Myers Briggs Personality Type Trainer, who’s loved all things personality since 1994 (when I first read the book “Do What You Are”), creating a personality-based quiz is something I’ve wanted to do for years.

It feels like I’ve just accomplished a BIG dream!

So what’s this got to do with you?

find your purposeWell before I check my quiz off my list, and jump into my next *thing*, I wanted to take a moment…

To pause and reflect.

And share three lessons I learned along my quiz-creating path.

Lessons I hope that’ll help you find your purpose and keep following your dreams:

🦶 Take bite-sized steps. 

Like most big projects, there were a lot of moving parts to creating a quiz. Especially a personality-based one. And if I’d focused on all of them at once, I’d have gotten overwhelmed (and never have completed my quiz)!

So instead I put my blinders on. And focused on one week at a time. One bite-sized step at a time.

And before I knew it, my quiz was done!

If you have a dream that seems too big or too scary, break it down into bite-sized, do-able steps. And focus on completing one at a time (while ignoring the rest).

And before you know it, you’ll reach your destination, too!

️‍🙈 Embrace your imperfections. 

During the quiz-creation process I got stuck in perfectionistic ‘not-good-enough’ thinking a few times, and almost sabotaged my own efforts.

Eventually I accepted that what I was creating was ‘good enough’ — and kept on going.

So your steps aren’t perfect? Who cares? At least you’re moving in the right direction…FORWARD –> towards your dreams!

🎉 Celebrate your wins.

We don’t celebrate our efforts enough in life! In fact we’re often really good at celebraing others’ and downplaying our own.

So when my quiz was done, I called up a good friend and we went out to celebrate.

Good food, good wine and good company! The perfect way to honour my own achievement.

Next time you accomplish something (big or small) in your life, do me a favour?

Don’t downplay it. Or ignore it.

Instead take a moment to pause and high-five yourself, toast yourself, or do a little happy dance.

Because you and your dreams deserve it!

Speaking of which, what’s something you hope to accomplish this year? This decade? This millennium?

A dream you’ve been putting off?

Or something new that’ll bring you joy? And have you jumping out of bed everyday?

If nothing comes to mind yet…no prob!

That’s what my new quiz (What’s Your Prime-of-Life Purpose?) is all about!

what's your purposeIt’s designed to help you find your purpose and learn how to leverage your innate strengths in the second half of life.

So no matter where you are on your journey…

From being crystal clear on what’s next for you and moving towards it with joy, to having NO flippin’ idea at all, promise me this…

NEVER give up on your dreams!

Because no matter how big or small they are, they’re YOUR dreams.

And that means they’re always worth pursuing!

Kerry xo

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