How listening to your inner rebel helps you stay true to yourself

Sometimes I like to channel my inner rebel.

Which is funny considering I’m not the rebel-type.

At all.

I’m the baby of the family (the peacekeeper) and a recovering people-pleaser.

I learned at a very young age how to fit in.

How to make others happy. And NOT rock the boat.

But lately I’ve been practicing the opposite.

I’ve been embracing my inner rebel (a feisty Scottish red-head I like to think).

Which is a gooooood thing.

Because being a bit of rebel — going against the grain and doing things MY way — has helped me create a more authentic life.

A life built on my own values.

And not someone else’s.

When I created my first business (online bookkeeping) a few years ago, all the ‘experts’ were telling me I should do MORE.

More marketing and advertising. More selling.

And more putting myself ‘out there.’simplicity & ease

But I decided to follow my own inner rebel (aka: intuition). And do LESS instead.

Because I value simplicity and ease.

And authenticity.

I knew that whatever I did in my business had to feel right. For ME.

And guess what?

My online bookkeeping business grew and flourished.

Great people found and hired me.

And then referred me.

And my business felt 100% authentic to me.

Ha! That inner rebel of mine…she’s one smart cookie!

Now as I move forward and create my 2nd business — life coaching for women — I’m committed to doing the very same thing.

Following my own inner ding (as the late Louise Hay called it) and doing what feels true for me.

But I must admit, this time it feels more difficult.

The digital world seems noisier.

And more insistent.

Or perhaps it’s more so in the coaching world.

I often feel pulled in many different directions. None of which feel completely right for me.

So I’ve had to take more time. Go slower.

And be more thoughtful.

So I can decide what DOES feel right.

By getting still and going inwards.

And listening to my body’s cues.

To hear the voice of my own inner rebel.

Who always has my back.

And helps me get clear on what works for me.

As well as what doesn’t.

Because we’re not here to live anyone else’s life, but our own.

And at the end of the day it’s a pretty great thing to be able to look yourself in the eye and know you did what felt right for you.

listen to your inner rebelThat no matter what anyone else said, you stayed true to yourself.

And your own inner rebel.

So if you’re at a crossroads in life.

Or you’re feeling conflicted about a decision. Or unsure about your next step forward.

Do me a huge favour, will you?

Take a step (or two) back. Get quiet.

And listen. Really listen.

And then tell me…what’s your inner rebel saying to you?

Kerry xo

P.S. Click here to watch my video on listening to your inner rebel:


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