Feel like you've lost yourself?

In your relationships or roles.

Wish you could find your way back home?

To the REAL you?

Well... you've come to the right place.

If you’re a women over 40 and any of this rings true for you:

  • you’ve lost yourself in other people, your career or social roles
  • you’re tired of putting ‘their’ needs before your own
  • you feel confused about who YOU are, what YOU want, & where you’re headed in life
  • you’ve been acting like it’s your job to save everyone else, when deep down all you really want is to save yourself
…come work with me, I can help. I have a simple yet practical coaching process for helping you get in touch with yourself…the you that you’ve forgotten. 

I’ll help you explore your own wants and needs, reconnect to your inner voice, and express your truest, most authentic self. So you can live the next chapter of your life on your terms.
I help you reconnect to you inner voice and true authentic self.

So you can be who you REALLY are. And live your life with more confidence, freedom and ease.

Hi there, I'm Kerry, an Empowerment Coach.


Kerry really listened to what I said. She asked me questions to help me see my own truth, my own answers. Her skills are exactly what I believe a great coach would have. Ears to listen, intuition to question, and the ability to tease my own answers to the surface.  ~ Cindy

I felt very comfortable and at ease with Kerry. I loved her gentle way of getting to the heart of the matter. Through her coaching I’ve developed a sincere gentleness and tolerance of myself.  I no longer feel invisible. Most of all I’ve learned to trust myself more. ~ DKW

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