Is blogging your thing?

Believe me, no one is more surprised than I am by the joy I’ve gotten from blogging. My journey into blogging started in response to a challenge from a coaching friend of mine. I happened to mention to her in passing that I’d been playing with the idea of blogging for years. The next thing …

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Just be yourself

When I was growing up my mother often said to me: just be yourself. But did she really mean it? And why, after so many years, is it still so damn hard to do? I have zero doubts my parents loved me. Yet sometimes their love felt conditional. Just be yourself (as long as it’s the …

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A new year of freedom

new year of freedom

I’ve never been one for making New Year’s resolutions. Somehow they’ve always felt forced and hollow. With no real joy attached. So last week, when a friend sent me a New Year’s Eve meditation I was momentarily skeptical. This better not be about resolutions, I grumbled to myself. But I was pleasantly surprised. The goal …

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Do less, be more

do less

Why is it that some weeks feel so darn hard compared to others? Everything can be rolling along just fine and then…bam! You feel like a mack truck hit you. This has definitely been one of those weeks for me. One minute I felt excited and inspired. The next, all bent out of shape. Strangely …

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Step into your enough-ness

Recently I heard a woman on the radio use the phrase: step into your enough-ness. It stopped me in my tracks.  Wow. Step into your enough-ness. OK, I get it. What a great reminder for a woman like me, a recovering perfectionist. And what a terrific book or workshop title.  I wrote it down in my journal of …

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