The Ultimate guide to setting Healthy boundaries & saying no without guilt

Women over 50: Ready to say NO to others, so you can say YES to you?

If you're tired of taking care of others, doing the responsible thing & ticking off all the boxes, & you're ready to put yourself first, then this guide is for you. It's full of practical boundary tips & word-for-word scripts, so you can finally speak up with confidence & take charge of your life!

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It's time to stop pleasing others, set better boundaries, & live the life you desire.

Most women over 50 weren't shown how to express their needs in a healthy way. Instead we were taught to stuff our feelings in order to please others & keep the peace. Yet the happiest women I know are the ones who can confidently be themselves & say no to the people & things that drain them. This free guide full of practical tips & no-nonsense-scripts will help you learn to do exactly that!

Learn to say NO without guilt & set yourself free!

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    "This guide is beautiful & so well done. I love the tips...some of them I've never heard before." ~ Wendy MacPherson