The Ultimate guide to setting Healthy boundaries & saying no without guilt

Ready to say NO to others, so you can say YES to you?

If you're tired of overlooking your own needs in order to please others (and you're ready to put yourself first again), then this guide is for you. It's full of practical boundary tips and word-for-word scripts, so you can finally say no with confidence and take charge of your life!

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It's time to stop trying to make everyone else happy, set better boundaries, and live life on YOUR terms.

Most women weren't shown how to express their needs in a healthy way. Instead we were taught to stuff our feelings in order to please others and keep the peace. Yet the happiest women I know are the ones who can confidently be themselves and say no to the people and things that drain them. This free guide full of practical tips and no-nonsense-scripts will help you learn to do exactly that!

Learn to say NO without guilt and set yourself free!

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    "This guide is beautiful & so well done. I love the tips...some of them I've never heard before."

    ~ Wendy MacPherson, Somatic Healer

    "Loved this, Kerry! You covered everything & presented it in a very engaging manner. I love the exercises, too!"

    ~ Cate Innish, Shamanic Mentor

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