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What a funny little word. So small.
Yet so powerful. It calls for action. For movement forward. And sometimes it calls for courage.

Start before you’re ready

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The world pandemic is inviting us to face our fears and limitations. And to push beyond them. So we can do what we all came here to do…share our gifts with one another and lift the world up.

Moving through my fear

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If you’ve ever had a fear of posting videos on social media or putting yourself “out there” publicly – I get it! Here’s how I finally faced my fear head on.

The truth will set you free

The other week I had an epiphany. It was time for me to tell the truth. The real truth. I’d been holding onto something that I needed to share. For the sake of my own sanity. And my health. It’s ironic really. As a Life Coach it’s the last thing I’d recommend anyone do: hold onto …

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Learning to reclaim my voice

Clarity comes in interesting ways. The other day I was listening to one of my favorite Life Coaches, Nancy Levin, on Hay House Radio. One of her callers said something that triggered an ah-ha moment for me. And helped me uncover a life-long pattern. The woman was describing an unkind comment made by a dance teacher …

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Step into your enough-ness

Recently I heard a woman on the radio use the phrase: step into your enough-ness. It stopped me in my tracks.  Wow. Step into your enough-ness. OK, I get it. What a great reminder for a woman like me, a recovering perfectionist. And what a terrific book or workshop title.  I wrote it down in my journal of …

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