Honour the space between no longer and not yet

I’m in that in-between space again. The one I call “limbo-land.”

The space between “no longer” and “not yet” (as Life Coach, Nancy Levin calls it).

I’ve left some things behind.

That I was ready to let go of.

A few old habits and routines. 

That weren’t healthy.

A relationship that wasn’t serving me anymore.

It was time to let go.

And to move on.


And while I feel a bit nervous about my future, I feel excited too.

Be gentle on your soul

Years ago, a thoughtful manager of mine introduced me to the power of self-compassion. 

She wrote “be gentle on your soul” inside a beautiful journal she’d given me as a going away gift.

I was leaving my job to move across the world, in hopes of starting a new life in Scotland.

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

I was young and full of hope.

Both excited and nervous about taking such a huge leap of faith, into the unknown.

I’ve never forgotten how good it felt to open the cover of that journal, and read her words for the very first time.

Be gentle on your soul.


I loved the way those words sounded. 

They resonated deep within me.

And gave me the permission, I unknowingly craved, to treat myself more kindly. As I took risks, and moved forward into the uncharted territory of my life.

The answer to your question lies within

Do you trust your intuition?

Not long ago I learned that my teenage son does.

He had a difficult decision to make, about which path to take moving forward.

unsplash-logoMarten Bjork

He was frustrated.

And feeling stuck.

Unable to choose between option A or B, for fear of letting someone else down.

As I tried to uncover more details in order to help guide him, he slumped onto the sofa and grumbled:

“I feel like no matter which decision I make it won’t be the right one.”

I totally got it.

It didn’t seem like either choice was a very good one. 

While both had their pros and cons, there really wasn’t a win-win choice. 

At least not from his point of view.

Follow your inner “ding”

Over the past few months I’ve been wrestling with the question of “who am I?”


I suppose this shouldn’t surprise me.

I’ve struggled with this question many times before.

And even wrote a blog about it awhile back called: Am I this? Or am I that?

So just when I thought I’d made peace with it…I realized I hadn’t.

I was back in my old black and white thinking.

Trying to define myself as either one thing or another.

Are you a bookkeeper or a coach?

Come on, which is it, Kerry?!

The reality is I’m both.