Don’t hide your inner light!

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I had been blogless for one year. Then I had a big ah-ha moment. What if all that time I wasn’t writing had nothing whatsoever to do with being too busy?

You gotta feel to heal

I once heard grief is like a thumbprint. That no two are alike. Now, more than ever, I really get that.  Grief is different for everyone. After losing my mother a few months ago, I began my own roller coaster ride of grief. Sometimes I felt terribly sad. That she, my one and only mother, …

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The truth will set you free

The other week I had an epiphany. It was time for me to tell the truth. The real truth. I’d been holding onto something that I needed to share. For the sake of my own sanity. And my health. It’s ironic really. As a Life Coach it’s the last thing I’d recommend anyone do: hold onto …

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Learning to reclaim my voice

Clarity comes in interesting ways. The other day I was listening to one of my favorite Life Coaches, Nancy Levin, on Hay House Radio. One of her callers said something that triggered an ah-ha moment for me. And helped me uncover a life-long pattern. The woman was describing an unkind comment made by a dance teacher …

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Why blog, you ask?

Believe me, no one is more surprised than I am by the joy I’ve gotten from blogging. I started not long ago in response to a challenge from a coaching friend of mine. I happened to mention to her in passing that I’d been playing with the idea of blogging for years. The next thing …

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