Clarity comes in its own time

finding clarity - kerry hanna coaching

I’ll admit it. I’m not a very patient person at times. In my defense, I come by it honestly. It’s in my Scottish no-nonsense genes. So a few weeks ago, when I struggled to get clear on my next steps in business (and in life) I was feeling pretty aggravated.  I kept thinking… Come on clarity, hurry …

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Finding little hits of joy

Every year I get hit by the winter blues. And my mood begins to feel as grey as the weather.

Reconnecting with my intuition

Earlier this month I was feeling quite lost. And disconnected from my intuition. I felt unsure of where I was headed. And what I wanted. What I really, really wanted in life. And that was causing me a lot of anxiety. As facing the unknown often does. I was used to hearing the voice of my …

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