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Don’t hide your inner light!

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I had been blogless for one year. Then I had a big ah-ha moment. What if all that time I wasn’t writing had nothing whatsoever to do with being too busy?

Am I worthy of love?

A girlfriend of mine recently said something that gave me pause. Perhaps I hadn’t yet found a man worthy of me. Worthy of me? What a concept! It seemed so basic.  Yet I realized the truth of it as soon as she said it. That I’ve actually had it backwards all my life. I’ve been trying to …

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A new year of freedom

new year of freedom

I’ve never been one for making New Year’s resolutions. Somehow they’ve always felt forced and hollow. With no real joy attached. So last week, when a friend sent me a New Year’s Eve meditation I was momentarily skeptical. This better not be about resolutions, I grumbled to myself. But I was pleasantly surprised. The goal …

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