Get clear on what makes you happy!

While doing my yoga practice this morning I was reminded of these wise and powerful words from Yoga with Adriene:  “Keep what makes you happy. Let go of what doesn’t serve you.” If the Great Pause of 2020 has taught us anything, I believe it’s exactly that. That as a result of having to slow …

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You have the right to change your mind

change your mind

For years I was a “yes” person, saying yes to others without hesitation. And I often felt angry and resentful. Until a friend taught me an important lesson: I had the right to change my mind.

Honour the space between no longer and not yet

I’m in that in-between place. The one I call “limbo-land.” It was time to leave some things behind. And while I feel excited about the future. I have no clear vision yet.

The answer to your question lies within

As a mother, it makes me very happy knowing I’ve helped to equip my son with such an important life skill. One that personally took me years to learn.

Reconnecting with my intuition

Earlier this month I was feeling quite lost. And disconnected from my intuition. I felt unsure of where I was headed. And what I wanted. What I really, really wanted in life. And that was causing me a lot of anxiety. As facing the unknown often does. I was used to hearing the voice of my …

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You gotta feel to heal

I once heard grief is like a thumbprint. That no two are alike. Now, more than ever, I really get that.  Grief is different for everyone. After losing my mother a few months ago, I began my own roller coaster ride of grief. Sometimes I felt terribly sad. That she, my one and only mother, …

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