Ready to choose your word of the year? But not sure where to start?

Download this meditation and be gently guided to yours!

Set to the sound of calm ocean waves, this soothing meditation will help relax your body, mind, and spirit and connect you to your heart. Answer these three powerful questions to discover your own inspiring word. Get crystal clear on what you really want for yourself moving forward.

    "I did your meditation down on our beach today and it felt wonderful being in nature, connecting with myself and being grateful for my life. Thank you for sharing this with us!" ~ Anita Jackel

    "Your meditation was perfect! My two words Surrender & Faith transitioned every so slightly after thinking more deeply through your guidance. Thank you Kerry!" ~ Tracy Westerholm


    "Thanks Kerry! Just did the meditation. Words for me this year - community, friendship, joy." ~ Wendy MacPherson

    "My words kind of surprised me. They came to me quickly and clearly. Thanks for the meditation." ~ Kim Hancher

    "I just did your meditation and loved it! And the sound of the waves, too. My word came through SO clearly. Thank you for this gift." ~ Rosemary Nygard

    "This is a meditation I could easily go back to and do again. Two thumbs up." ~ L. H.

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