I Was Drowning In A Sea of Self-Doubts

Hi, I’m Kerry and I know what’s like to feel stuck on the hamster wheel of life. To keep doing what you think you should do. Rather than what you really want to.  Because I did *that* for years. But when my marriage ended, all that changed for me…

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At first I was full of confusion and self-doubt. I had no idea who I was separate from all my roles as wife, mother, daughter and “good girl”. But after spending a few years doing my own healing work, I reconnected with the real me, rediscovered my purpose, and reignited my long-forgotten dreams. 

One of those dreams was to become a Life Coach. So I took a leap of faith, left my full-time job, and went back to school for a year to get certified at Rhodes Wellness College (2007-2008). Later I became a Sacred Gifts Guide (2014) and Myers Briggs Personality Type Trainer (2017).

Looking back now, I can see that my divorce was a huge blessing in disguise. It forced me to wake up, take charge of my life, and find my true path. So I could finally become the woman I wanted to be, not the one I thought I should be. 

Best of all it’s lead me here. To work with women like YOU, who are ready to overcome your self-doubts, reawaken YOUR dreams, and create a life you’re excited to wake up to. Let’s get started!

A Wee Bit More About Me

I've been there, too!

Wanna know more about me and my coaching style? Watch this brief interview to hear what inspired me to become a life coach (aka: my big wake up call!) and why helping to empower other women is one of my greatest joys. 

Ready to 'Seas' the Day?

If you’re ready to prioritize yourself and your own needs, explore your passions, and take charge of your happiness, then let’s chat! Cuz the sooner we do, the sooner you’ll be on your way to living your life with more freedom and ease.

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