Set Your Inner
People-Pleaser Free

for women who want to say "no" with Confidence
& "yes" to living life on their own terms.

Tired of Putting Yourself Last?

Let’s face it, as a people-pleaser you’re an expert at taking care of others. And putting their needs before your own. But as you know, all that people-pleasing comes at a high cost, including:

  • losing sight of yourself & your own needs
  • continuing to say “yes” when you really want to say “no”
  • feeling invisible
  • pretending to be happy when deep down you’re not
  • having no idea what you want in life or that you’ve lost your purpose
  • feeling selfish for wanting more 

You feel paralyzed by all your fears & self-doubts. And unable to make a change. You tell yourself that it’s too late to do things differently. But here’s the thing…

self doubt

It's Never Too Late to Find Your True Path

Trust me, it’s never too late to let go of your people-pleasing ways. To learn to say “no” to others. And “yes” to you. So you can follow your own true path to your perfect little beach…aka *ideal freakin’ life*!

(And no Ms. People-Pleaser, that’s NOT ‘selfish’…that’s called good ‘self-care’)!

‘Cuz burying your head in the sand & continuing to focus on others at the expense of you…isn’t serving you. It’s keeping you stuck & powerless. So my fellow people-pleaser, it’s time to pull up your big-girl jeans &:

  • get over your fear of being ‘selfish’
  • learn to say “no” without guilt
  • get clear on what you want
  • reclaim your inner power & self-worth
  • live life on your own damn terms!

And that’s where I come in…

Hi I'm Kerry, a Recovering People-Pleaser & Life Coach

My passion (besides the sea) is helping people-pleasers like you find your way back…to YOU. To help you value who you really are (before you gave your power away to others). 

Because I know what it’s like to be so focused on pleasing others that you forget about yourself. To wake up one day & say “who am I? What do I want?” ‘Cuz that’s exactly what happened to me 15+ years ago, when my whole world came crashing down. And my own journey to end my people-pleasing ways & reclaim my true self began. 

As a Women’s Empowerment Coach, I love helping you do the same. To reconnect with & value who you really are. And what you really want. So you can feel more confident in moving forward. And free to live the next chapter of your life on YOUR terms. 

Sound good? If so, let’s get started!


Coaching Packages


For women wanting to take things slowly, stroll along the beach, pick up seashells & dip a toe in the water of coaching. One session at a time.



For women wanting to take to the open sea, start to explore their people-pleasing ways & connect to their own inner voyage.

Deep Sea Diver

For women wanting to do a deeper dive into the internal water of their lives, face their need to please head on, & map out their next big voyage.

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