For women who want to create
the next chapter on their OWN terms


Are You Longing For Something More?

Look, I get it. Being a woman is hard work. You’ve spent years doing the responsible thing. Focusing on your career & family, while putting yourself & your needs on hold. Before you knew it, you lost sight of yourself.

One day you wake up & think “this is not the life I had planned.” Deep down you’re craving something more. But you’re just not sure what it is, or how to find it. And besides, what if it’s too late?

Well I’m here to tell you it’s never too late to figure out the next chapter. And to live life on your own terms. “Cuz here’s the thing…

next chapter
next chapter

Life Is Meant To Feel Good

And so are you! So it’s time to put your worry, confusion & self-doubts about your next chapter aside, take back control of your life &:

  • Reconnect to your powerful inner voice & inner wisdom.
  • Rediscover what lights you up & makes you happy.
  • Re-ignite your hopes, dreams & passions.
  • Rebuild your confidence & self-worth.
  • Reimagine a future that feels meaningful & authentic to you.
  • Redefine your life on your own terms.

And that’s where I come in…

Hi, I'm Kerry, A Women's Empowerment Coach

My passion (besides the sea) is helping women like you, who may feel stuck at a crossroads & unsure of what to do next, find the clarity you’re seeking to create a new path forward. 

Because trust me, I’ve been there, too. I know what it’s like to feel confused about where you’re headed next in life. And to wake up one day full of worry & self-doubt, wondering “now what?”

That’s exactly what happened to me after my divorce 15+ years ago. But with a little hope & determination I was able to carve out a new path in life. One that led me to become a coach & to create a more fulfilling for myself. 

It’s why I’m passionate about helping you find your own way forward, too. So you can go out & create the next chapter of your life, your way.

And the great thing is, you don’t have to do it alone. We can walk this path together.


My coaching packages

Inspired by the sea. And my love of helping you rediscover yourself,
your truth,& what you really want out of life.

next chapter

The Beachcomber

For women who want to take things slowly & get a sense of what coaching is all about. And for those who like to take it one session at a time.


The Seafarer

For women who want more of a commitment. This 3-session starter package will help you assess where you're at & what matters most to you.

The Deep Sea Diver

For women who want to make a bigger commitment. This 6-session package will help you get clearer on what you want your life to look like moving forward.

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