Live Life On Your Own Terms

As a woman, you’ve been running yourself ragged for years. Juggling your career, family & all your responsibilities while trying hard not to disappoint anyone. Along the way, you’ve had to ignore your own needs, so you could take care of everyone else’s. 

But you’re ready for a change. You’ve got more time, energy, & perhaps the motivation, to let go of your old way of life & start something new. To reinvent yourself. Yet you’re not sure how to get started.

You need some support. Someone to provide you with the clarity, direction & insights you crave. Someone who can help you move through your fear & self-doubts, rediscover your true self, & walk your own unique path. One that feels right for you.

Well my friend, that’s where I come in.

certified life coach

You're Here Because You Want To:

You’re here because you want MORE out of life. Sooooo much more!

you've been Taking care of the needs of others long enough. now it's TIME to take care of your neeDS.

Take Back Control of Your Life

As an Empowerment Coach, I help women who’ve spent too much time focused on others’ needs while ignoring their own, take back control of their lives. And move forward in a way that feels right for them.

Using simple yet powerful coaching tools combined with my own unique SEA Philosophy, I’ll help you learn to pause & reconnect with your intuition. Get clear on who you really are (NOT who others say you should be) & what you really want. And create a plan to get you there. So you can start living life, your way.

My SEA Philosophy

S = Simply notice:

I'll help you learn to redirect your focus from what other's are doing/saying, back to you & your own inner voice. To simply notice what happens in 'here' in response to what's happening 'out there.' Because self-awareness is the first step to making changes.

E = EmbracE whO & Where you are:

I'll help you learn to embrace who you are & where you are in life with compassion. To treat yourself as you would a best friend. Because self-compassion shifts everything for the better.

A = Allow for possibilities:

As you learn to pay attention & accept yourself where you're at, I'll help you learn to allow for possibilities & explore your many choices. Including taking action or not. Because empowerment comes from knowing you have a choice.

Why Choose Me?

Curious to learn more about me? Watch this candid interview to hear the ‘why’ behind my coaching & one of the key things I focus on when working with my clients.

Choose Your Coaching Package


$ 359 Pkg of 3 Sessions
  • This 3-session package if for you if you like to take things slowly & learn what coaching is all about. One micro-beach-step at a time.


$ 659 Pkg of 6 Sessions
  • This 6-session package will help you explore who you really are, what you really want & where you'd like to head on your journey.

Deep Diver

$ 1199 Pkg of 6 Sessions
  • This 12-session package will help you take a deeper dive into the vision you have for your life. And start taking the action steps you need to take to get you there.

All SESSIONS/packages MUST BE PRE-PAID via paypal or e-transfer. Each session is 60 minutes.

My Coaching Is A Good Fit For You If:

rave reviews from happy clients

It's time to stop being who you should be.
And start being who you WANT to be.


Most frequently asked questions

Click on the Discovery Call button which takes you to my contact page. Send me a quick email & we can set up a 20 min call, to get to know one another & decide if we’re a good fit.

All coaching packages (3, 6 or 12 sessions), must be prepaid via paypal or e-transfer 48 hours before the first session. If I don’t receive funds on time, I’ll be rescheduling our session. All prices are listed in Canadian dollars. 

All sessions are 60 minutes long.

I only coach over the phone. I’ve learned from experience that my intuition is much stronger this way & therefore so is my coaching. 

Yes. After our Discovery Call, I’ll email you a small intro package including: 1) intake form 2) policies & procedures & 3) agreement. All must be completed & returned to me prior to our first coaching session.

All sessions will be discussed & booked during or after our Discovery Call, once we’ve agreed to work together.

All rescheduling of sessions must be done with 24 hours notice, by email.

I do not offer refunds on my services. Therefore before purchasing a package please decide if you are fully invested in working with me.