Do you have an inspiring word for the year?

inspiring word

The other day, my friend brought up one of my favourite New Year’s traditions: choosing an inspiring word.

It’s something I’ve been doing for years.

Choosing one word to guide me through the year.

And keep me on track.

So I live my life based on my highest values.

You see, I don’t do resolutions anymore.

‘Cuz when I have in the past, I realized how futile they were.

And how self-punishing.

I’d start off the year by saying “I’m going to do XYZ” (go the gym 3x/week, eat less chocolate, save more money, etc).

But before I knew it, I was NOT doing what I said I’d do.

Then I’d feel like crap.

And beat myself up.

For not having any stick-to-it-iveness!

So years ago, when I read about choosing a word for the year, it made complete sense to me.

What better way to honour yourself and your own needs, than to pick an inspiring word?

One that resonates with your heart and soul.

inspiring picture for inspiring word of the year freedom

And gently guides you through the year.

So you create more of what you want in life.

One year I chose the word ‘freedom.’

As I’d been feeling trapped by all my obligations.

A full-time job.


A dog.

Aging parents.

My word ‘freedom’ guided me to all kinds of new opportunities that year.

And new adventures.

I’d never felt so free!

Last year (crazy 2020!) I chose the word ‘connection.’

I’d been feeling isolated in business, and was craving more meaningful connections.

Who knew that a global pandemic was just around the corner?

And that connection to my family and friends (old and new) would turn out to be THE most important thing for my sanity!

Choosing an inspiring word each year helps me stay focused on what really matters.

How I want to live my life.

mug with my inspiring word of the year on it = ease

How I want feeeeeel each day.

And in the end, it makes me happier!

So the other day, as my friend and I chatted about choosing our words, mine came to me in a sudden flash of insight.

(ahhhh, thanks soul, I’m listening)

My inspiring word for the year is ‘ease’.

As a highly sensitive person (HSP) I  get overwhelmed when I’m juggling too much.

Less is often more, for me.

I don’t like things to be difficult.

Or over-complicated.

Or for them to feel heavy or draining.

Especially as I create my coaching business.

I want it to feel smooth and uplifting.

And I want to create it with ease.

I know I can.

Because I’ve done it before. With another business.

It’s how I live my life.

Keeping what works. 

Letting go of what doesn’t.

So, yes please. More ease.

inspiring look at the new year through a crystal ballNow it’s your turn!

I’d love to know what inspiring word you’ve chosen for the year.

And if you haven’t yet chosen one, I invite you to think about it.

When you do, make sure it doesn’t come from a place of ‘should.’

Which represents someone else’s voice.

Out *there.*

But rather comes from a deep desire or craving.

Within you.

A word that makes you feel good, in your body, when you say it.

One that you can come back to. Over and over.

Throughout the year.

One that helps guide you.

To make choices that honour your highest values.

That honour you.

So you can live your happiest, most authentic life.

Kerry xo

P.S. Watch my video on choosing an inspiring word for the year here:


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