Two quick ways to find clarity when you feel overwhelmed in life

feel overwhelmed

Ever feel overwhelmed?

Stuck. Lost. Or confused about where to go next?

feel overwhelmed

I certainly have. Many times in my life.

Like right after my divorce 17 years ago.

When it suddenly hit me I was a single parent of a one year old!


How the freak did *that* happen?

(Divorce & single parenthood were certainly NOT part of my life goals!)

Or the time 5 years ago when I came to the sad realization that I had to quit my cushy full-time job.

Because the new manager & I clashed.

And did not share the same values.

At all.

(He was a micro-managing nightmare)!

But if I quit, where would I go?

How would I make money?

And how would I pay my bills?

Then there was the time 3 years ago.

Right before Christmas.

When I took a huge leap of faith.

And started my second online business.

(The first one had failed miserably.)

Where would I find clients? Who would even hire me for that matter?

And who did I think I was…becoming an entrepreneur again?

(Helloooooo imposter syndrome anxiety!)

At each one of these life transitions, I felt utterly lost & confused.

And riding the waves of overwhelm.

But somehow, against all odds, things managed to work out in the end.

As they always do.

But the truth is I still feel overwhelmed & lost sometimes.

Especially navigating the online life coaching world!


There’s so much info out there.

So many gurus.

So much competition.

And soooooo much advice.

It can be very overwhelming!

As it is when we’re at a crossroads in life.

New motherhood.

A new job, business or career.

A new chapter in life. Like divorce, retirement, empty-nesting.

Or a move to a new home.

So whenever my clients feel off balance or overwhelmed in life, here are two things I recommend:

1. Accept where you’re at.

Don’t fight your feelings or the situation.

‘Cuz struggling against it — or wishing that whatever WAS happening, WASN’T — only makes it more difficult. And more painful.

So surrender to the moment.

Accept where you are. And feel what you feel.

Honour your experience. And your body’s need to find balance.

For example, when I’m tired, I rest. When I feel overwhelmed, I take a step back & get quiet.

Or I go do something fun & creative that gets me out of my hamster wheel of thinking.

This will help you to go with the flow. And reconnect you to your soul.

So you can get clear on how to keep moving forward.

2. Ask for help.

feel overwhelmedOne thing I know for sure is that we don’t need to go it alone anymore.

(We never really did.)

There’s plenty of places & people you can go to for help online.

Google, podcasts, videos, blogs.

Online courses.

Or better yet you can ask someone for help.

A therapist. A coach. A family member or friend.

One of your trusted cheerleaders.

Someone who knows you well. And knows how to support you.

Someone who’s got your back.

Which is exactly what I did recently.

But I’ll tell you about that conversation in my next blog.

For now, I’ll leave you with this.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or lost in life right now, don’t lose faith.

Just remember these two steps:

  1. Accept where you’re at (lean into it & be kind to yourself)
  2. Ask for help (‘cuz remember you’re not alone)

And trust that this too shall pass.

Kerry xo

P.S. Click here to watch the video: Two quick ways to find clarity when you feel overwhelmed in life

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