One simple way to live a good life


Were you hoping to live a good life this year?

Well it’s half way through the year so let’s do a quick check-in…

With your word for the year.

Say whaaaat?

OK let me explain.

Every New Year’s Day I choose an inspiring word to guide me through the year.

The word I pick comes from my heart.

And represents a deep desire I have in my life.

Something I want more of.

Like freedom.



Or connection.

My word guides me all through the year. 

It helps me stay focused on what really matters to me.

And attracts into my life more of what I desire.

Hellooooo Law of Attraction!

Because what you focus on grows!

This year I picked the word ‘ease.’live good life

As a highly sensitive person (HSP) and uber-organized Virgo, I long for things to be simple, easy and orderly.

I love to cull things, cut through the crap and get sh*t done!

(I always have)

And I don’t like things to be difficult.

Or too complicated.

It frustrates me to no end if they are.

So I’ve learned to pay attention to that frustration.

And to honour it.

To trust that it’s my body and soul’s way of saying;

“Excuse me, but this is NOT for you!”

Ahhhh ok, thanks soul.

So at the start of the year, ease was the perfect word for me.

Yes please, more ease.

Everything I’ve done so far this year has been filtered through that word.

By asking myself: “does this bring me more ease?”

live good lifeIf the answer was no, it didn’t — if things started to feel too clunky and unmanageable — I found a way to make them easier.

Or I let them go altogether.

For example:

  • I created an easy, feel-good morning ritual to start my day: a cup of coffee while reading, writing or listening to uplifting podcasts, and then some gentle yoga…before starting any work.
  • Whenever I listened to online biz experts, I filtered out anything they said that felt too heavy/complicated for me. And instead found ways that resonated with my own personal style.
  • Anytime I felt tired or overwhelmed, I didn’t force myself to ‘suck it up!’ Instead I honoured my body’s need to slow down and rest. Until I was inspired to move forward again.

Filtering my life through the word ‘ease’ has helped me live a good life this year.

live good lifeAnd stay 100% true to me!

That’s the beauty of a good word (or phrase or mantra).

If it comes from your heart, it’ll align with your true values.

And act as a your BS meter. To help you to live authentically.

If you let it.

So what about you?

Have you picked a word (or phrase/mantra) for the year yet?

If so, I’d love to hear how it’s going.

If not, I promise it’s not too late — pick one now!

And let it guide you through the rest of the year.

To keep what’s working for you. 

And let go of what isn’t.

So you too can live a good life.

And stay 100% true to you!

Kerry xo

P.S. Want help connecting with your word of the year? It’s not too late! Download my free Word of the Year Guided Meditation here.

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