How being a late bloomer in life can be a good thing!

late bloomer

“Late bloomers rule!”

That’s what a new online friend said to me a few weeks ago.

We’d been getting to know one another through emails, when we realized we had a few ‘late bloomer in life’ things in common.

We’d both:

  • Gotten married at 35.
  • Had children in our late 30s.
  • Started businesses in our late 40’s / early 50’s.

Which got me thinking about other ‘late bloomer in life’ things I’ve accomplished…

Getting my marketing diploma at 27.

Becoming a life coach at 46.

Starting a blog at 53.

And how I could’ve easily given up on all those dreams.

Especially if I’d bought into the idea: “it’s too late to change course or try something new!”

But that’s not my style. 😮‍💨

my siblings and I in the late 1960s, kerry hanna coaching for women in midlife
(Don’t let this little towhead’s angelic smile fool you!) 😈

As the baby of the family, with three older siblings, I have a built-in “f*ck off, don’t tell me what to do” spirit!

No one was ever gonna tell me what I could or couldn’t do. Or that it was too late for me to do it!

(Say what??)

I kept bucking the system, and doing things in my own ‘late bloomer in life’ kinda way.

And I’m still doing it!

As an ‘almost’ empty-nester (my son is away for 7 months this year) I’ve been thinking A LOT about ‘what’s next.’

Sometimes the unknown feels exhilarating…like the world’s my oyster.

Other times it feels terrifying.

I wanna plunk myself down on my sofa.

jack from this is us saying "i'm not going anywhere", kerry hanna coaching for women in midlife

And spend hours on end re-watching all 6 seasons of This Is Us.

(But then again, my heart couldn’t take losing Jack Pearson all over again.💔)

Maybe you can relate.

Maybe you’ve got your own version of a late bloomer in life thing going on right now.

Perhaps you stayed in your marriage waaaaay longer than I did (mine was a 5-year quickie). And you’re now in the throws of a separation or divorce.

Or you recently retired, became an empty-nester, or inherited a big chunk of moola! 💰 (woohoo, good for you, if so!!)

And you finally have the chance to follow your dreams (even if you’ve forgotten what they are).

Or you’re dealing with another major life transition…a career change, health issue, or loss of a loved one. And struggling to figure out what’s next.

I get it.

Having to reinvent yourself, no matter what age and stage you’re at, is hard!

Especially if you have a habit of comparing yourself to others.

And wondering why they can pivot so much easier / faster than you can.

(For the record, it’s never as easy-breezy as they make it look!)


Recently I was reminded of how frustrating it can feel to be a late bloomer in life.

cat looking a bit frustrated, kerry hanna coaching for women in midlifeAs I tried to push the pedal to the metal and get clear on exactly what my next chapter’s gonna look like.

The Universe, in all its wisdom, stepped in. And slowed me right the f’ down.

I learned the power of the pause.


So my friend, take it from me…a fellow late bloomer…

Pause. Take a big, deep breath. And trust that your next steps WILL become clear.


And that no amount of pushing, striving, or hustling will get you unstuck, or make things happen any faster.

Your next chapter (like mine) will reveal itself when it’s meant to.

Because that’s how life works.

(You can’t speed up time. And if you could, would you reeeeally want to?!)

In the meantime…have fun with it.

Try on new experiences (like shoes). And see how they fit. 👠

Learn from those experiences (what feels good versus what doesn’t).

Make some small tweaks. Let go of what no longer serves you.

And then keep moving forward. Towards more joy.

Because the world…

Is. Your. Oyster.

And no matter what anyone else tells you, it’s NEVER too late to reinvent yourself…

Do things YOUR way…

And create a ‘late-bloomer in life’ chapter you’re excited to wake up to!

Kerry xo

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