The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you

By now you’ve probably heard about the Law of Attraction. But have you ever heard about the Law of Reflection?

It’s another Universal law stating that what we see ‘out there’ (in other people and in life) is also ‘in here’ (in us).

That we act as mirrors for one another.

So whatever I can see in you must also be in me.

Or as the great Sufi poet Rumi wrote 700+ years ago:

“The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you.”

I love Rumi’s quote.

It, along with the Law of Reflection, reminds me to take accountability for myself.

reflectionFor my own ‘stuff.’

To point less fingers.

To be less judgmental of others.

And the world certainly could use more of that (mutual respect and kindness) right now.

It’s why I always like to end my daily yoga practice with the word Namaste…

The divine in me honours the divine in you.

To acknowledge that we’re all in this together.

Rumi’s words have also helped me to understand that while I have my great and not-so-great qualities, I do in fact have them ALL.

We all do.

Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to recognize those qualities in someone else.

As a woman who’s always been interested in evolving, it’s easy for me to focus on self-improvement.

On trying to change the qualities I dislike in myself.

However I’ve come to realize that it’s more beneficial to do the exact opposite.

To let go of trying to be better. And instead just accept who I am.

As I am.

To turn my attention towards my light.


To acknowledge, embrace and share the beauty that’s in me (that I can so clearly see in others).

The same is true for you.

That amazing quality you so readily admire in someone else…well my friend, you have it too!

That very same quality that they have is yours to claim.

To own. To cherish.

And to share.

Because when you compare yourself to others and come up short, you’re not doing yourself any favours.

In fact you’re doing you, your loved ones, and the world a huge disservice.

The Universe doesn’t want or need you to play small.

Playing small doesn’t serve you. Or anyone else for that matter.

What’s the point of being here if you can’t be you?

Rather, the Universe is inviting you to step up. Into your own genius. Your own power.

To be fully YOU.

And to spread your beautiful light wherever you go.


Because doing so serves you AND the world.

So the next time you’re comparing yourself to another and playing small, try this instead.

Write a list of ALL the great qualities you admire in that person.

Then put that list somewhere you’ll see it: on your fridge, mirror, phone or computer.

It doesn’t matter where, as long as you can see it, and be reminded of it.

And for the next few days practice owning those very qualities in yourself.

Because I promise you, you have them too!

You just might need a gentle reminder, every now and again, to look at them more closely.

So you can see them reflected back at you.

For more help embracing your own inner light and beauty, click here to grab my FREE guided self-love meditation.

Kerry xo


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