How to be your true self (instead of who you think you should be)

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It was the spring of 1993…

I was working as a sales rep for a plush toy company.

Yup, that’s right…

I sold teddy bears for a living!

Sounds kinda fun, right?!

Uhhhh. No.

It wasn’t. (At least not for me.)

To be honest, I freakin’ hated that job.

teddy bear, kerry hanna coaching for women in midlife

Hated. It.

Everything from working from home alone.

Driving around the city in traffic.

Schlepping huge duffle bags full of stuffed animals in and out of my small, blue Toyota Tercel.

To all the pressure I felt from my boss to sell, sell, sell.

Ugh. It was painful for me.

I was so anxious about work on Monday mornings, that I chewed off all my nails Sunday night.

That job was soooooo NOT a good fit for ME! 

​Six months later I quit.

Instant relief!

Until I realized I didn’t have a clue what to do next!

women lying down covering her hands with her face, kerry hanna coaching for women in midlife

So when my boyfriend at the time suggested I read a book called:

Do What You Are: Discover The Perfect Career For You Through The Secrets Of Personality Type

I jumped on it.

And read it cover to cover.

To this day I still regard it as one of the most important books I’ve ever read.

Because it introduced me to the world of Myers-Briggs personality types.

Which not only steered me towards new and better-suited work in the future.

But more importantly helped to set me free.

Learning about my own personality type (“ENFJ”) allowed me to be my true self.

And to understand myself better.

What I was naturally good at (and preferred). And what I wasn’t (and didn’t)!

Without all the guilt!

And the added bonus?

Myers-Briggs taught me to be more compassionate towards others.

To see that we’re all different.

And that no ONE type (of the 16) is better, or worse, than the next.

Two decades later, in 2017, I decided to take my love of personality types one step further…

I got certified in Myers-Briggs.

Cuz as a life coach, I love helping you discover your type and be your true self.

To embrace who you really are. Rather than who you think you should be.

That’s why I was super excited when my friend Jen Liddy, a Copy, Messaging, and Content Strategist recently interviewed me about all things Myers-Briggs for her Content Creation Made Easy podcast.

cover of jen liddy's podcast content creation made easyJen and I met in a course in 2022 and her podcast is one of my favs.

As a former high school teacher, she keeps it real and super simple! (which is my kind of thing!)

In our fun and uplifting interview “Improve your relationship to EVERYTHING with the good ol’ Myers-Briggs” Jen and I discuss how to:

  • Use Myers-Briggs to understand yourself (and others) better.
  • Remove self-judgment and be your true self.
  • Honor your strengths without trying to change into something you don’t have to be!
  •  Have an improved relationship with yourself and others.

So, whether you’re retired, self-employed, work 9-5, or simply wanna figure out what to do next, I promise this interview has something for you!


You’ll learn oodles about yourself.

AND about your hubby, partner, kids, friends, family…

Heck, even about your cat(s) and dog(s)!

Even better, you’ll have permission to finally let your own freak flag fly. And be your true self.

Once and for all.

Kerry xo

P.S. Wanna learn more about your Myers-Briggs personality type, so you can be your true self? Click here to schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery call. And we can chat about my Myers-Briggs assessment / coaching packages.

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