It’s time to ditch the ‘shoulds’ and do what you REALLY want!

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“My life is so cluttered with should’s, that I can’t get to my want-to’s.”

That’s what a coaching client, a woman in her 60’s, said to me once.

She was stuck in a loop. Going round and round.

Doing what she thought she should do. Rather than what she wanted to.

No surprise she felt trapped.

And was ready to pull her hair out.

Because doing what she felt she should do, didn’t feel authentic. Or make her happy.

Maybe you can relate?

I know I sure can. Especially this week —> while I was trying to write this blog.

I got stuck in my own should loop.

rope in a loop, kerry hanna empowerment coaching for women in midlifeI’d just returned from a lovely vacation. And I kept telling myself I should write about it.

Because it seemed like the perfect topic (lots of fun adventures and new learnings)!

But here’s the thing…

Every time I sat down to write *that* blog, I couldn’t.

No matter how hard I tried, I hit a dead end. The words just wouldn’t come.

Like my client, I was frustrated. And wanted to pull my hair out.

But that’s when it hit me…

I needed to ditch the ‘shoulds’.

To stop trying to write what I thought I should write.

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And instead write what I wanted to. What came naturally to me.

Just like I would encourage you to do.

Not to force things from a place of shoulds.


Or have-to’s.

But to write (or DO anything) from your heart.

Which is exactly why I wrote THIS blog.

(And not the other one about my vacation…yet! 😉)

So, if you’ve been stuck in a loop of shoulds like I was…

And trying to do what you think you’re supposed to…

Rather than what you really WANT to…

(or what you’re being called to)

Why not ditch the ‘shoulds’ by following these three simple steps:

  1. Identify one thing on your ‘should’ list. Just ONE THING that’s been weighing you down. And keeping you stuck.
  2. Give yourself permission to let it go.
  3. And then do! Let. It. Go.

Hasta-la-vista baby! 👋

(Now doesn’t that feel goooood?!)

It really IS that simple.

Cuz you don’t need to stay stuck.

Doing things you no longer want to do.

You’ve earned the right (at this age and stage) to do what you really want.

Things that bring you joy.

So you can live your very best (should-free!) life.

Kerry xo

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