Get clear on what makes you happy!

While doing my yoga practice this morning I was reminded of these wise and powerful words from Yoga with Adriene

“Keep what makes you happy. Let go of what doesn’t serve you.”

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, I believe it’s exactly that.

That as a result of having to slow down and sit with our own ‘stuff,’ we’ve learned — very quickly — what did and didn’t work for us. 

What made us happy.

And what didn’t.

During the pandemic it became crystal clear that life is, indeed, precious.

So why would we waste any more of it doing things that didn’t lift us up?

Or being around people that didn’t help us feel better?

So as I lay on my yoga mat this morning reflecting back on the last year, I thought about Adriene’s wise words.

Keep what makes you happy.

Let go of what doesn’t.


I decided to do a life inventory.

To come up with my top 3 for both.

What to keep. What to let go of.

So here they are.

My ‘Keep List:’

1. My morning routine. A slow start to my day sipping coffee, reading, writing, and doing gentle yoga. This quiet time to myself helped to keep me grounded. And connected to my body and spirit before starting the rest of my day.

2. Talks with friends. While I may not have been able to hang out with the people I love in the same ways, I did a lot of walks with them. And a lot more phone calls. These deep and meaningful conversations with my favourite people on the planet kept me…um…sane. I couldn’t have gotten through the pandemic without them.

3. Walks in nature and by the sea. I’m blessed to live on the West Coast of Canada. And in a neighbourhood where I have easy access to Mother Nature. This solo time in the woods and by the ocean helped me to remain peaceful, calm and connected. To my intuition and spirit. And to all that was beautiful and right with the world. 

My ‘Let Go List:’

get clear on what makes you happy1. The news. This year more than ever, I got very selective about how much of it I consumed. It was minimal amounts at best. But most days it was nothing at all. And I survived. In fact, as a result of this one important self-care boundary, I thrived. Because I didn’t feed my fear. I just went about my life, feeling immense gratitude for all that I have.

2. Energy drainers.  Anyone who wasn’t enhancing my life, but was dragging me down instead, had to go. No question. And no apologies. They weren’t one of my trusted cheerleaders. So I either said good-bye, or I moved them to what I call my ‘outer circle.’ A place in my life where I get to choose how and when I interact with them. If at all. 

3. ‘Shoulds.’ No more doing things on someone else’s terms! Especially in business. As I learned to navigate my own way in the entrepreneurial world, I focused on what resonated with me. And resisted doing what didn’t. Or doing it the right way. Because there is no ‘right way.’ There’s only my way. Which is right for me. The same is true for you. (Watch my letting go of the ‘shoulds’ video here).

So my friend, now it’s your turn.

When you reflect on your life, what would your lists say?

Get clear on what makes you happyWhat 3 things are working for you?

That you would choose to keep in your life, as you move forward?

And what 3 things dragged you down?

The ones you would choose to let go of? 

Now is the perfect time to review your lists.

So you can keep what makes you happy, and let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore.

Once and for all.

‘Cuz no matter what, the choice about how you move forward in life is yours to make! 

And no one else’s.

So here’s to letting go of what doesn’t make you happy.

And keeping what does!

And moving forward with more clarity, peace and ease.

Kerry xo

P.S. For more tips on moving forward in life, download my free guide: 10 Simple Ways to Find Yourself Again & Reclaim Your Life


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