Feeling bored? Get out of your comfort zone!

get out of comfort zone

This is me. Last month. Out of my comfort zone (at last) and living my dream!

I was at the “Sky Bar” high atop the city of Puerto Vallarta having drinks with two friends.

As we sat at the bar, looking out past the crystal clear infinity pool to the vast ocean beyond, I thought to myself “now this is the life.”

I was on top of the world. Literally!

But it had been a challenge getting there.

To start with, we’d been given vague directions to this trendy spot. And Google Maps kept leading us astray. Frustrating!

And then we encountered…


I’ll never forget the look on the face of the guy we asked for directions.

get out of comfort zoneI swore he took one look at the three senoritas “over 50” and rolled his eyes as he pointed.

He might as well have said “good luck, you’ll never make it up all those stairs.”

And maybe he had said that (my Spanish sucks)!

But if so, he’d severely underestimated us.

Cuz my two prairie girlfriends and I are from hardy stock. And we were up for a good challenge!

And ready to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone!

Which is exactly how my whole trip to Mexico had come about in the first place…

You see, it was my first solo trip.


I’d been feeling a bit bored with my life.

I decided I needed to test my own boundaries, and get out of my comfort zone.

Something that seems to get harder as I get older.

(Maybe you can relate?)

I knew it was time to make a shift. And challenge myself.

Especially since my word for the year is adventure. 

Taking a solo trip was just the kind of adventure I’d been craving.

And thankfully the stairs stars had aligned.

My friends had already booked a resort further up the coast — so I had people to meet up with (or not).

Depending on our schedules.

It was the perfect balance for someone like me, who enjoys being with others. But also enjoys my time alone.

I like to explore, meander, and follow my heart.

Up some stairs. Down an alley.

Along a beach or boardwalk.

Going here and there.

Wherever my intuition leads.

Exploring the unknown feeds my soul.

It reminds me of my brave, younger days.

When I didn’t even know I HAD a comfort zone!

Back then I was  fearless.

I’d hop a plane and move to a new city (or country!) on a whim.

This solo trip helped me realize that ‘fearless younger Kerry’ hadn’t disappeared!

She was still inside of me!

She just needed some coaxing to get out of her comfort zone. And get her feet wet again.

Thankfully I rose to the occasion. Challenged myself. And had a trip of many firsts:

  • First time staying alone in a small but cozy boutique hotel.
  • First time doing hatha yoga outdoors by the sea.
  • First time going solo to a packed bar (and dancing til the wee hours with strangers)!

At times it felt scary. Yet also exhilarating!

get out of comfort zoneWhich is what it’s like when you push yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

It can feel really scary at first.

But eventually it expands you.

Strengthens you.

Invigorates you.

And moves you forward, towards more joy.

Just like this solo trip to Mexico did for me.

So lemme ask you this:

What’s ONE thing you can do to challenge yourself? 

So you can move through your boredom (or fear!), and get out of your own comfort zone?

Remember, anything goes.

It’s about taking a baby step. And testing the waters.

Doing something you’ve never done before (but always wanted to)!


Doing something you once loved to do (but haven’t done in years)!

Big or small. It doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that you do something different. And stretch yourself.

Cuz the more you do, the braver you’ll feel.

And contrary to what you may’ve been telling yourself (especially if you’re stuck in a rut)

It’s never too late to try something new and get out of your comfort zone!

(No matter how old you are!)

Because trust me, when you do, you’ll feel more energized…and excited about your life!

Kerry xo

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