Do you know where you’re going to in life?

where you're going to

Ever heard the song: “Do You Know Where You’re Going To? by Diana Ross?

It popped into my head as I was about to write today’s blog.

(So of course I had to go listen to the lyrics.)

Wow, talk about synchronicity!

The song reminds me so much of the question I love to ask my coaching clients:

“What’s your purpose?”

AKA what’s your point, goal, destination, greater vision, or….do you know where you’re going to next?

Cuz knowing the answer helps you figure out if you’re moving in the right direction.

where you're going toTowards what you REALLY want in life.

Or further away from it!

And there’s no right or wrong answer.

Because it’s all about YOU. And what makes YOU happy!

What brings YOU joy. Which is different for everyone!

I like to ask myself this question regularly, too.

It helps me stay focused on what matters MOST to me…

Authentic, meaningful connections with my family and friends. Time in nature and by the sea. Traveling to new places, going on adventures, and having fun.

And to make sure that I’m continuing to build those values into my life!

Every day. In some small way.

Because that’s how you create a life you love.

Nothing fancy, complicated, or even expensive. Just gently tweaking as you go.

Doing MORE of what you love. And LESS of what you don’t.

And being your authentic, true-blue self!

So in the words of the fabulous Diana Ross…

Do you know where you’re going to?

where you're going to

What your next steps are?

Or what you want your new chapter in life to look like?

If not, here’s one quick (and fun!) way to find out…

Take my 2-minute quiz: Women Over 50: What’s Your Prime-of-Life Purpose?

Where you’ll discover which one of these four personality types you are:

⛵️ Courageous Voyageur

📚 Wise Wanderer

🔎 Practical Explorer

🗺️ Passionate Adventurer (like me!)

And how you can leverage your unique gifts, talents, and strengths as you move forward in life.

Towards more joy!

Cuz isn’t that the whole point?

(I sure as heck think so!)

Kerry xo

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