Which one wins? Your to-do list or your intuition?

your intution

Question for you…do you listen to your intuition regularly?

I’d be lying if I told you I always listen to mine.

Sometimes life gets in the way & I forget to check in with myself.

I get caught up in all my to-do’s.

And before I know it, things go a bit sideways.

I get tired & cranky.

And I start nit-picking my (poor!) teenage son about his messy room.

OK I’ll admit it…not my finest moments!


So the other week, after another loaded convo through his bedroom door about whether he’d actually put his laundry away, or just piled it onto his overflowing chair, I decided it was time to take a step back.

And get more grounded.

Less neat-freaky.

I took a moment alone to ask myself what I really needed.

What my soul was craving.

And the answer dropped in instantly…


Which, to be honest, took me completely by surprise. I thought (in my logical mind) it would’ve been something more business goal related.

But nope.

My intuitive guidance was clear.


I wasn’t craving more stuff to do.

I was craving more connection.

With others!

Who knew?

(Clearly I didn’t!)

But I’ve learned over time never to doubt my inner voice.

To trust that my heart — not my head — always knows the truth.

And that it *always* has my back.

So I put my to-do list aside & started connecting more with my family & friends.

Some I hadn’t seen since pre-covid days (remember those?)!


I let go of the pressure to DO all the so-called ‘productive’ things.

And followed my heart’s desire to simply BE with others.

To chat.

To laugh. To listen. To support.

To ponder life together.

And in typical ‘I’ve-got-your-back-fashion,’ my intuition was bang on!

Connecting with others filled me right up…to the brim!

Bye bye grumpy, laundry-obsessed mom.

Hello contented, Kerry!

So the lesson here my friend?

In this crazy, fast-paced world, it’s important to slow down every now & again.

To get quiet.

To pay attention to & trust the still small voice within, that wants us to be happy.

And to live our most fulfilling and joyful life.

So, if you’re willing, try this little exercise with me now...

intuitionPut your hand on your heart.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath & ask yourself:

What am I longing for?

What am I craving deep down?

What do I need more of in my life?

And then listen. Really listen.

For the answer to arise within you.

Because it’s there.

Just beneath the surface.

Waiting for you to uncover it.

And no matter how ‘out there’ your answer may seem to you, promise me — better yet, promise YOU — you’ll take a step towards it. Today.

Because the dishes, the floors, the laundry, the shopping, the emails, the ‘to-dos’ will always get done.

But your one wild & precious heart deserves your full attention.


Kerry xo

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