Is a hurdle meant to stop you? Or inspire you?


You’ve got a big dream.

​You feel excited about it.

Maybe even a bit nervous.

But you’re finally ready to take the leap!

Then something happens.

​A hurdle appears in front of you.


And stops you in your tracks.

​You say to yourself:

“Ok, I guess I’m not meant to have that.”

​And walk away. End of story.

​​Or do you?

​Well, I used to think I should.

​That the Universe was sending me a message: “NOT for you!”

​But over the years I’ve realized that that’s not always the case.

​Sometimes those hurdles aren’t there to stop you.

​Instead they’re there to help you get crystal clear about your feelings.

​About whether you really want that *thing*.

Or not.

​Lemme give you an example…

Years ago I pursued a job I’d wanted forever.

When I finally got an interview, I was so excited!

​But the office was a big commute away.

And as a newly single mom I was worried it wouldn’t work with my son’s daycare hours.

​So I started thinking the job wasn’t meant to be.

That the hurdle of the commute was too big.

But I’d agreed to a 2nd interview, so I went.

Within minutes of meeting my new potential boss, I knew I was meant to work with her.

That I’d be willing to jump over any hurdle to do so.

Including a long commute!

​When I got offered the job a few days later, I said ‘yes’ without hesitation.

And my new boss turned out to be…

​My. Favourite. One.


​(She even changed my hours to accommodate my son’s daycare schedule. I mean, come on, how great is that?)​

Several years later, I faced another big hurdle.

​This time when I decided to follow my dream to become a life coach.

I’d found the right coaching program.

And was ready to take the leap.

But unfortunately the tuition turned out to be waaaaay more than I could afford.

So I walked away.

​And promptly fell into a two-day ‘funk.’​

While journaling about how miserable I felt, I came to this clear realization…

​The only way to feel better, was to follow my dream.

I HAD to become a life coach. No matter what!

​So I did (hello student loans)!

And that was seriously one of my…

​Best. Decisions. Ever.

​I’d finally found my true calling.

​To help women reconnect to their inner voice, be their most authentic selves…& follow their dreams.

As I talk about in this video interview with my friend, & fellow coach, Marlene.

So remember, the next time you’re going after something you want, & a hurdle appears…

Don’t give up just yet.

Take a moment to pause. And pay attention.

Get in touch with how the hurdle makes you feeeeeel.

​Calmer, happier, relieved?

Ok then.

Walk away.

​It might not be the right time. Or the right fit anymore.


But…if your feel more excited & clear that this indeed is what you want (like I did) then trust that feeling.

And do whatever it takes.

To leap over that darn hurdle!

‘Cuz your dream, your calling, your new life awaits!

And it’s time, my friend, to go after it.

​Kerry xo

P.S. Need help following your dream or figuring out your next chapter in life? Check out my women’s empowerment course BACK TO YOU: Rediscover Yourself & Reclaim Your Power (a 5-week course in living authentically for women in midlife) by clicking here.

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