Do what makes you happy! No matter what!

what makes you happy

I’ve been obsessed with beaches and the ocean ever since I was a kid.

But here’s just how far my obsession goes…

Recently I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my 18 year old son.

do what makes you happy

It was a belated high school graduation gift for him. One that had been postponed, like so many other things, due to the pandemic.

Before we left a few people asked me what we were going to do in PV.

‘Cuz let’s face it, an 18 year old boy isn’t gonna wanna lay by the pool with his mom for 7 days!

But to be honest, I had no idea!

Because as much as I’m a planner, I love winging it while on vacation. So I trusted that he and I would figure it out once we got there (which we did)!

However there were two things I was 100% clear I was gonna do while in Mexico:

  1. Make sure my son had fun (it was his grad gift after all)!
  2. Make sure I had fun too! I wasn’t just gonna do what HE wanted to do. It had to work for me as well (no throwing myself under the bus and neglecting my own needs, thank you very much)!

And what I really wanted to do was walk barefoot on the beach every morning.

I’d purposely chosen a resort on a long sandy beach so I could do just that.

do what makes you happy

So every morning I got up at 7:15am.

Without fail.

I put my bathing suit, wrap and SPF 30 sunscreen on. Grabbed a coffee from the buffet downstairs.

And walked the glorious beach for 2 hours (while my son slept soundly)!

It was pure heaven.

Me. The sun. Sand. Seabirds. And surf.

And a few other early morning beach-goers exchanging “hola’s” along the shore.

I couldn’t be happier. Except for one small thing…

My feet.

They hurt.

First from tripping on a hidden rock in the sand.

Big ouch!

Then from all the other long treks my son and I took. To places near and far.

First one blister appeared on my foot.

Then two more.

And then my poor ankle started to ache. From the way I was walking to protect my blisters!

Honestly it was all so annoying. If not a bit comical!

But still, I was committed to walking barefoot on the beach every morning!

‘Cuz my slight foot pain did not take away the pure joy I felt when my toes hit that cool, soft sand.

And I heard the rush of those big ocean waves.

So why am I telling you this?

What do my sore feet have to do with you?

Well here’s what I’ve realized…

Sometimes you gotta move through your own discomfort to do what makes you happy!

And I don’t mean sacrificing yourself. Or your own joy.

next stepsI mean pushing past your discomfort, worry, anxiety, or fear of the unknown.

Jumping over any hurdle!

So you can do what you KNOW, deep down, makes you happy.

That *thing* that feeds your soul. And leads you to more joy and inner peace.

And not let anything stand in your way!

Barefoot beach walks?

I’m sooooo in! Bruises, blisters, bandaids & all!


What do you really want?

What makes you happy?

And what are you willing to do to get it?

Take a moment right now to ponder these questions. And listen closely to the answer(s) that arises within.

Get clear on what makes you happy.

Big or small. It doesn’t matter.

Stay committed to yourself and your dreams.

And keep moving forward. No matter what!

Because you deserve to live your very best life.

do what makes you happy

As for me and my sore feet?

Well, I’m back home in Vancouver now, recovering.

But every time I think about those long morning beach walks in Mexico, my heart swells with joy.

Because yes, dammit…I did it!

I stayed focused on what makes me happy.

And I didn’t let anything – not even some minor foot pain – get in my way!

Kerry xo

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