2 key things to remember when everything goes wrong

Recently I ended up inside my own episode of the Twilight Zone

Where everything that could go wrong, DID!

I’d just finished teaching my live zoom class (week 4 of my course BACK TO YOU: Rediscover Yourself & Reclaim Your Power).

And was feeling pretty darn good.

When disaster struck.

Ok…maybe ‘disaster’ is a slight exaggeration.

But everything DID go sideways pretty darn fast.

Remember my exploding potato story from my last blog?

Well it was like that. Only worse.

One minute I was coasting along, on my post-zoom-class high.

everything goes wrongThe next, tumbling down a dark rabbit hole.

Trying to fix a zoom recording error I’d made. And quickly get the replay out to everyone as promised.

‘Cuz when I say I’m gonna do something…I’m gonna do it.

But here’s the problem with that.

While I may be a bit of a computer nerd, I’m really not *that* techy!

#zoomchallenged 🙈🙊🙉

And this fix was waaaaay over my head.

What should’ve taken 60 min to fix, ended up taking over 24 hrs.

During which time I experienced every known technical glitch imaginable!

  • Frozen computer screen? Check!
  • Server’s busy…come back later? Check!
  • File not found. File not supported. File too big to upload? Check! Check! Check!


I started to wonder if it was some sort of cosmic joke.

everything goes wrong(Hellooooo Mercury in retrograde, are you messing with me again?)

Because both my computer AND phone appeared to be possessed!

I was stuck in overwhelm. And my nerves were fried.

You get the picture. I was in total tech-hell.

So why am I telling you all this?

(Besides the need to vent my frustration?)

Because in the midst of my storm, here’s what I learned…

The hard way.

(Which is what I hope I can help you avoid).

💗 1. Press pause:

everything goes wrongThe moment I started banging my head against my computer & wailing “why Universe, whyyyyy?” I shoulda known something needed to shift.

That I needed to pause. Take a deep breath.

And figure out what I reaaaaally needed in that moment.

More time? A proper food break? A walk in nature?

To ask for help?

Anything besides getting stuck in my perfectionistic tendencies.

And sitting there bleary-eyed in front of my computer til 2am!

So remember, next time everything goes wrong…

And you’re whipping yourself into a frenzy, there’s no pot of gold at the end of it.

Only sheer exhaustion and burnout. And maybe a little resentment thrown in for good measure.

In other words…the frenzy whipping is NOT worth it.

Instead pause, breathe and notice what’s going on for you.

perfectly imperfectFigure out what you need.

To replenish your energy. And take care of your soul.

And then go do *that.*

So you can come back later. With fresh (and rested) eyes.

💗 2. Count yourself in:

It’s amazing how far we’ll go to deliver what we’ve promised.

But here’s the downside of that.

Sometimes we over-deliver, in order to meet the needs of others.

And we forget to count ourselves in to the mix.

everything goes wrongBy the time I got the whole techy mess sorted out I was flat out EXHAUSTED.

Sure, I got my file uploaded and the email sent.

But I kinda threw myself under the bus along the way.

Which is ironic.

Considering week 4 of my course is all about self-care. 🤦

(Yup. No mistakes. We teach what we need to learn!)

So the next time everything goes wrong for you…

And you’re feeling frazzled (like I was), please, for the love of Pete…

Take a moment to pause and breathe.

And notice what you need. To take care of yourself.

To take care of your soul.

And then promise me, you’ll go do it.

‘Cuz you (and your sanity) matter, too.

Kerry xo

P.S. To learn how to take better care of yourself (especially when everything goes wrong!) check out the video on BACK TO YOU: Rediscover Yourself & Reclaim Your Power (a 5-week course in living authentically).

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