5 ways to stop sleep-walking your way through life


Have you ever been in a rut? Just going through the motions & sleep-walking your way through life?

Without ever stopping to see if you’re actually happy.

Well I sure have. Many times.

That is, until something comes along to wake me up!

Like earlier this summer when I took a spontaneous road trip to visit my former Toronto roommate. And ended up reconnecting with a lost part of myself…

My love of fun & adventure!

So recently when I was asked by a friend to dog/condo sit for her in one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Vancouver, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Yes to more adventure!

Yes to a lovely dog!

And yes to spending 10 days in a thriving seaside community!

What a fabulous decision it turned out to be.

(clearly my soul knew)

Every day felt like a gift from heaven. 

Not only was she the sweetest dog ever (she & I bonded immediately). But staying at this lovely condo overlooking the ocean filled my heart with joy.

When we weren’t out walking the beautiful seawall, we were snuggled up together on the comfy outdoor sofa. Watching all the yachts, cruise ships & seaplanes go by.

I felt like Tattoo on Fantasy Island (remember him?): “Boss, de plane, de plane!”

Who knew listening to the roar of seaplanes, taking off & landing all day, would make my heart sing?

Or the cry of seagulls on the nearby rooftops?

Or the busy-ness of that community?

I felt so alive! So happy! So free!

It was like another part of me had woken up.

The part that knows where I belong. Close to the sea.

Spending time in that beautiful neighbourhood felt like coming home.

But then, just like that, my time there was done.

With a lump in my throat, I gave my friend’s dog one last pat on her head. Locked the condo door.

And headed back to my regular life.


Back to reality.

To laundry & chores.

And my to-do list.

Ho hum.

It’s no surprise I felt a little melancholy.

And unmotivated.

I kept wondering “now what?”

How do I go from all *that*? Back to this? 

Back to the same old same old.

Maybe you can relate?

Maybe you’ve been sleep-walking through your life? And are starting to feel a bit restless?

Wondering what’s next for you?

If so, here are five ways to help bring you some clarity:

(from someone who was just in the same boat seaplane)

  1. Pay attention to the subtle or not so subtle clues. Feel energized by seaplanes, seagulls & cruise ships? Yay! Feel drained by sitting in traffic or doing the same old same old? Boo! The point here? Simply start to notice how you feel, without judgement.
  2. Create your bliss vs non-bliss lists of what feels good (& what doesn’t). So you get crystal clear on what it is you want more of in life. And what you want less of.
  3. Add more ‘bliss’ into your life. Bit by bit. You’re not aiming for BIG, extravagant changes here. You’re just shooting for less sleep-walking + a lil’ more joy. So do yourself a favour & sprinkle some in. As often as you can.
  4. Let go of the ‘non-blissers.’ Our bodies know what feels good & what doesn’t. So let go of the heavy stuff. Before it drags you down. And you end up sleep-walking your way through the rest of your life.
  5. Be kind to yourself along the way. You don’t have to figure out what’s next all at once. Baby steps my friend.

As for me?

Thankfully my recent adventure helped to kick-start my creativity.

Before I knew it, I’d jumped back in to my next thing.

A project I’ve had on the back burner for months…my new freebie: The Ultimate Guide to Setting Healthy Boundaries & Saying No Without Guilt.

setting healthy boundariesFor people-pleasers, over-givers & over-promisers who want to stop feeling selfish (for saying no), speak their truth, & take charge of their own happiness.

(‘Cuz if my latest seaside adventure has taught me anything, it’s that we could all use more happiness in life!)

You can grab your free copy of my new guide here.

As for my next steps…

I’m already looking at ways to live closer to the sea. Where I feel more myself.

More energetic. Alive. And free.

What about you?

What’s on your bliss list?

And how can you add more of it into your life? Today?

Kerry xo

P.S. Need more help with bliss lists & boundaries? Click here to check out BACK TO YOU: Rediscover Yourself & Reclaim Your Power, my new 5-week course for women who are ready to be themselves without apology!


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