Why I needed to let go of seeking joy to find freedom and ease

let go

“I’m so tired.” Those were the words I heard myself saying A LOT recently.

Which surprised me.

But in hindsight, really shouldn’t have.

It’d been a bumpy two months.

Shortly after returning from a fabulous trip to Mexico in Februarysleeping cat, kerry hanna coaching for women in midlife, I got hit with covid. Which flattened me for a week.

Then Vancouver had one of its coldest and wettest spring’s on record. I kept praying the weather would improve, but it didn’t. My mood seemed to plummet with the temperatures.

On top of that, the sudden loss of an extended family member at the end of March had me questioning my own mortality. AND wondering what the hell I was doing with my life.

(Something so many of us contemplate after losing a loved one.)

So in an effort to lift my spirits I kept asking myself the question…

What would bring me more joy?

women lying down with a hand over her face, kerry hanna coaching for women in midlife

But all I got back was: “I’m so tired!” (Over and over again)

So I paid attention.

I slowed down, rested up, and got more sleep.

And I made an appointment with my doctor to make sure my health was OK.

(It was).

But still nothing shifted. I continued to feel anxious and uninspired.

Then one morning I woke up and it hit me…

I’d been asking myself the wrong question!

Instead of “what would bring me more joy?” (which clearly I was too tired to figure out) the real question was:

“What can I let go of?”

As soon as I asked it, I felt relieved.

Like I could breathe again.

So I started to let go of seeking joy.

By letting go of some key things.

white mug with the words "let go" on it, kerry hanna coaching for women in midlifeOnes that were taking up too much energetic space (both personally and professionally).

And weighing me the f’ down.

When I let go of them it freed me up to do the things I’d rather be doing.

The ones I looovvve doing…

  • Connecting with family and friends in real life (instead of on zoom or social media).
  • Reading books for the sheer pleasure of it (instead of endlessly scrolling on my phone).
  • Listening to podcasts that inspired me (instead of the ones that made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough).

Immediately I started to feel lighter. Freer. Happier.

Cuz when we let go of seeking joy…

And of doing what we think we should do (the ones we think’ll make us happy but don’t)

We create more space to do what we really want to.

And we feel more energized and alive.

More joyful!

(Funny how I finally got *there* when I simply let go of trying to get there!)

So lemme ask you this…

Is there something you need to let go of?

Something on your list that’s been weighing you down? Stressing you out? Causing you to lose sleep at night?

Something that, if you finally it go, would create more space for freedom and ease in your life?

Think about it. (But not TOO much! 😉)

And then give yourself permission to…

Let. It. Go.

Kerry xo

P.S. Watch my quick video here on letting go….

link to my video called "one key question to ask yourself to make your life easier", kerry hanna coaching for women in midlife

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