Pay attention to your feelings! They hold the key to your happiness


This was me a couple of weeks ago…

Sitting on my sofa. Tissues in hand. Sobbing.


Because I was watching another episode of From Scratch on Netflix.

Have you seen it?


If so, you’ll understand my need for the tissues. If not, let me fill you in briefly, without giving too much away (and then go watch it)

Amy goes to Italy to follow her dream of studying art, before returning home to America to study law (her Dad’s dream for her).

While in Florence she falls in love with Lino, a talented chef, and her future plans get derailed.

This beautiful mini-series (inspired from the 2019 memoir of the same name) had me right from the opening credits.

While I often binge watch a series, I purposely took my time with this one.

Savoring each and every episode. The same way I would’ve had I been sampling Lino’s delicious creations.

(Don’t even get me started on Episode 1 where he cooks for Amy and her friends. I think I watched this mouth-watering scene three times in a row)!

I wanted to understand why this series touched me so deeply and why it made me cry so much.

And not just the sad bits. But ALL the bits.

I knew if I explored my feelings, they’d lead me somewhere.

Somewhere *important.*

Because our feelings always do.

They’re like road signs, guiding us through life. This way or that way.

Feel good, happy, excited?

OK. The highway’s wide open. Proceed!

Feel sad, depleted, aggravated?

Uh, oh. Road block. Turn around and go the other way, please.

If you’re brave enough to sit with your feelings (yes, even the uncomfortable ones), you’ll be rewarded with powerful clues about your life.

Like your core values. And what matters most to you.

Take me for example. The series From Scratch revealed 5 key values I hold dear:

✈️ Travel & Adventure

🍷 Pleasure (good food & wine!)

🎯 Purpose

🔗 Meaningful connection (to my family & friends)

❤️ Love

None of which surprised me.

(Well, except for the “love” one…perhaps Mr. Wonderful is still out there looking for me, too?)

But what DID surprise me is how much I longed for all of the above!

(Hence the tears.)

So what’s my point here?

Pay attention to your feelings.

What they’re trying to tell you. And where they’re trying to lead you.

(To more of this? Or less of that?)

Figure out what makes YOU happy. And then promise me, you’ll go pursue it!

(No matter what anyone else says!)

That’s the key to your happiness.


So next time you’re experiencing something that moves you in a deep and unexpected way (like From Scratch did for me), pause, tune into your heart, and ask yourself:

“What’s this REALLY about?”

“What am I missing, craving, longing for?”

Get clear.

And then start building more of whatever you’re longing for into your life.

Bit by bit. By bit.

Because the more you do, the happier you’ll be!

As for me, I’ve booked my next travel adventure: helloooo Mexico!

And while it’s not France or Italy (yet!) it meets 4 out of the 5 values on my list.

(And who knows, maybe even all 5…it’s possible I could meet and fall in love with a Mexican chef!) 😉

Kerry xo

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