The seeds you sow will grow


Have you ever heard the saying:

The seeds you sow, grow?

Or Tony Robbins’ version “energy flows where your focus goes?”

While some people may think all this energy talk is a bit woo-woo, I believe in it whole-heartedly.

It’s why I practice gratitude.

In my experience the more I focus on the things that light me up — really acknowledge them and feel grateful for them — the more they expand and grow.

Into something more beautiful than I could imagine.

For example, about a decade ago I was slogging away in a full time job. One I was not particularly happy at.

But couldn’t yet see a way out of.

I was a single mom of a young son.

With lots of bills to pay.

One day though, when I had some time off, I decided to do something out of the ordinary.

To treat myself.

I attended a fabulous yoga class. Right in the middle of the afternoon.

One I normally couldn’t attend. Because of my job.

Being able to do yoga in the middle of the day, during a work week, seemed so decadent to me.

So free.

And part of a lifestyle that felt beyond my reach at that point.

As I left yoga and walked to my car, I remember feeling a deep sense of peace.

As well as elation.

My spirit felt alive and free.

I looked up at the sky, beaming and said “thank you Universe. More freedom like this please!”

And then I let it go.

But the memory of that day is still so vivid.

As is the feeling I felt in my body. That I carried with me for years.

Fast forward to today.

I now work from home in my own business that I created three years ago. To get more of the feeling I felt that day.

That clearly my soul knew was good for me.

I now have all the freedom in the world to do anything I want — including yoga during the day.

My time is my own.

Just what I dreamed of all those years ago.

Who knew that that one heart-felt moment of gratitude would grow into this new life?

I sure didn’t.

I couldn’t possibly have predicted then what my life would look like now. A decade later.

Nor how free I’d feel.

That was just one of the many times throughout my life that I’ve stopped to appreciate a moment.

To fully feel it and embrace it.

And thank the Universe for it.

Knowing the Universe hears me and responds to my energy.

And helps me to grow a better life.

Because I believe in a friendly Universe. One that wants the best for us.

That has our backs.

And wants us to be happy.

So pay attention to the seeds you plant in the garden of your mind and heart.

To what you say to yourself and to the world.

And what you focus your energy on.

Pay attention to the kind of experiences you love, and want to have more of.

And then remember to practice gratitude.

Say a heartfelt thank you. 

For all the little moments in your life that feel good. That you’re grateful for.

That you want more of.

And trust that as you do, you’re planting the seeds.

That will indeed grow & manifest.

Into the magnificent life that you deserve.

Kerry xo1A

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